Neighbourhood Watch Continues… Distance: Satisfactory.

Just keeping an eye out on the miscreants from next door to make sure they’re still 3000kms away.  Which thankfully, they are.  Though I get the impression that what was looking like an impending reunion of likeminded soul mates hasn’t occurred. Oh, so sad to see their relationship troubles continue.

dale hamson fucktard But when t comes to being alone with your kid and a long way from his mother and the woman who is ‘the priceless possession I have in my life’ who ‘is nothing less than our beautiful princess’… nothing quite cheers you up like driving your brand new car (which you skited Centrelink paid) for through tonnes of mud at speed, no doubt with your toddler on board.  Unless of course little DYC Jnr was taking the photos  😐

dale hamson retard idiot oct 22 1972

Damn skippy moving from Queensland was the best thing you ever did!  I’ll drink to that!  Huzzzah.  So glad to see you are still far, far away.  And more power to you if you’re using that poor unfortunate child to strike up conversations with unsuspecting women… I’m sure any with half a brain will see through you soon enough.good riddance to bad rubbish


Yes, this is the reaction I normally have to when I run into the country’s fine upstanding constabulary who are charged with keeping the populace safe from the deadshits out there intent on destroying the peace.  The presence of police in a public place makes me feel safe and comfortable… for this jerk, it’s a sign to high tail it out of the there before they start to harass him or notice he’s a natural born trouble maker.   :S   Wanker.

dole bludgers trouble makers threatsdale hamson inherits and wastes

I know they were gobbing off about expecting an inheritance ‘any day now’ in court because his Mum died but his sister contested the will and as soon as the money came through they were going to move out of Brisbane because they hated Brisbane (with it’s cheap rent and very annoying neighbours).  But please tell me that he didn’t inherit THIS sort of money?  OMG.  I hope he just saw this on the side of a street somewhere and didn’t buy it or have a family member who did.  Imagine that.  No permanent address and buying something like this… you know, I consider this guy to be just judgement impaired enough to think that buying a really fancy car is a great idea.  He’s the sort of person who would do it too without finding out how much it costs to insure or maintain first…

neighbours from hellI assume he means psychologist, but you can’t expect someone whose vocabulary is about 80% swear words to know how to spell a big confusing word like psychologist… especially not when it’s probably printed on a door in front of him or anything.  The ‘forensic’ bit is intriguing.

fo·ren·sic:  /fəˈrenzik/ – Adjective

Of, relating to, or denoting the application of scientific methods and techniques to the investigation of crime: “forensic evidence”.

Makes me wonder what he’s gone and done now!

silence of the lambs anthony hopkins

Aww, true love prevails.

After having yet another domestic with my partner resulting in someone pulling a knife on me, threatening to get a gun and shoot me and ending up in a brawl on the lawn of Parliament House at the indigenous ‘tent embassy’ and ultimately hightailing it out of town… I like to relax by sharing hateful and abusive messages about my now ‘ex’, aka Fuckin’Fuckhead, on the internet.  You know, calling her a dirty whore, telling her she’ll never see her toddler son again, accusing her father and grandfather of abuse and incest, those sort of ‘fun for the whole family’ relaxing activities.

Then when I’m several hundred kilometers away I like to start posting pictures of the toddler I practically kidnapped so my ex will start to realize what has happened… with the added benefit that it might lure her back.

Bingo. There she is suddenly ‘liking’ his posts after he called her a Daddyfuckingwhore all over the internet just a few days ago, and his daughter and friends were chiming in telling DYC that him and baby were better off without her.

No! Dickhead Dale went to a shrink!  Lord knows he needs serious help with anger management and impulse control amongst other psychoses. Or did he just park out front and check in to make Fuckin’Fuckhead think he was working on getting help with his ‘problems’??  And then the ever so predictable turn around.  He’s done a complete 180 from ‘C U in court’ and ‘I’ll go to jail before I let you take our boy’ to sucking up to FF.  Don’t fall for it Janita, you’re too smart for that shi… oh no wait.  :S

fixing things up repair love affairs sentimental abusers

neighbours from hell

Oh dear God.  That poor little kid.  He’s going to be pushed from pillar to post his whole life, dragged between one good for nothing parent to the other, used as bait and guilt trip material and growing up thinking that Daddy beats on Mommy but really deep down he loves her very much…

Many abused women go back to their tormenters, hell, we watched her for nearly ten months putting up with his abuse, and not only that, but defending him over it.  Unfortunately this is nothing new. It’s just so sad to think of the little ones stuck in the middle of it all.  🙁

love shouldn't hurt stop domestic abuse

The Never Ending Story of DYC & FF

Oh wow… just when I think I couldn’t be any more shocked at the blatant stupidity of Daleyacunt he just keeps upping the ante!  So much personal and private stuff all over Facebook for anyone to see.  As if anyone needs a reminder about checking your Facebook privacy settings… look no further!

janita brown incest sexual abuse child

Yeah, I remember when my Small Child was about 18 months, I thought it was hilarious to let him dance around a car park without holding my hand too…  :S   Since I decided some time ago that he’s probably a fucking text book psycho… I’m rapidly approaching the point where I’m happy to take the ‘probably’out of that statement…

neighbour from hell, abusive psycho prick

OMG.  Unbelievable. This has taken a turn for the deeply personal… violence, abuse and now incest?  Oversharing much, Dale?

facebook privacy whats that neighbours from hell

And the hits just keep on coming… can’t believe how brainwashed his daughter Shelby is btw.  She’s one of the kids that was living next door originally and was removed from the property after he made threats of violence against us in May…

janita brown neighbours from hell facebook war

I love that his ‘friends’/people are ‘liking’ this shit.  Who are these weirdos?

janita brown aboriginal tent embassy child abuse

I gotta wonder what on earth Janita Brown is sending him to set him off into this downwards spiral of what appears to be the closest thing to drug fucked introspection that Dale might be capable of.  She doesn’t appear to have a FB page or if she does, she knows how to use the privacy settings… damn and botheration!  😀

always changing private information who sees my profile


Dickhead Dale Waxing Lyrical?

It’s like watching a train wreck and I just can’t look away!  Anyone would think I miss Daleyacunt and to be honest I’m starting to feel a bit like a stalker!  😛  But it’s just so amusing to see his life falling apart, bit by well deserved bit.  And I can just imagine the look on his smug arse face… ‘you fuckin’ cunt’s can’t do anything ta me! The fuckin’ cops can’t fuckin’ touch me, so whadda ya think, you can’t fuckin’ do anythin’, so ya stuck with me ya pricks!’ still ringing in my ears.  Sigh.

The most recent episodes of the Worlds Cheapest Soap Opera have seen our anti-hero buy a brand new car, get chased out of the aboriginal tent embassy by what sounds like an axe wielding family member during a volatile break up with his partner Ms Janita Brown, followed by a car accident and a short checkin at the Box Hill Hospital.  Now Daleyacunt seems to be waxing lyrical and poetic in amongst ranting about the exorbitant costs of veterinary services…. such a hard, hard life he is enduring poor bugger.  With a bit of luck they’ll continue to get worse for the miserable bastard:

cock head fucker neighbour from hell gone south

Wow, he actually think’s he’s the mature and sensible one breaking off bad relationships.  Nothing to do with the fact that he’s emotionally, verbally and physically abusing his partners!  What a fucking douchebag!  And yet here is all worried about that damn shark on a rope that he lavished attention on all the time in among screaming abuse at Fuckin’Fuckhead.

dob 22nd october 1972 neighbour from hell.

Dad?  Dad?  Don’t tell me he’s got even more kids!  How come a complete cockhead like this dickwad gets to father a handful of kids and then spends his life making theirs miserable by being abusive and scaring the hell out of them by beating on their moms, while other people who desperately want to have children can’t. 🙁  Oh, but here he is, DYC’s back and complaining about the cost of keeping his ‘best little mate’ alive.  That sounds more like the Dale we know and despise… to be honest, I’m surprised he spared the cash from his pocket money.  Probably have to cut back on the weed until next Centrelink pay day to cover it.

neighbour from hell arsehold threatened death violence abuse

But then maybe again maybe not… perhaps he was well stocked up beforehand, because he certainly sounds high as a kite in this post!  Hmmm, wonder when did he went from ‘Move the fucking pot over there ya fuckin’ fuckhead, not over there ya fuckin’ dickhead, what sort of fuckin’ stupid cunt would put the fucking plant over there when it fuckin’ obviously should go over here!’ to this:

neighbor from hell peace and good behaviour order

Wow! There’s something a little bit ‘my preciousss’ creeping in there somewhere. O_o.  He obviously thinks he’s quite the catch… a lover, a poet, Dad of the Year, animal lover and wife beater.  Oh, must be that last bit that keeps seeing him fall on his arse, but no doubt in his drug fucked misogynistic mindset – it’s all their fault.  Poor little bubba Jay indeed. 🙁

violent abusive emotional abuse verbal


Whoops! My schadenfreude is showing!

All week long I’ve been listening to the industriousness of some Q-Build guys working on the other side of the fence as they’ve been collecting all the crap that Daleyacunt and Fuckin’Fuckhead left behind in their haste to leave before the door (Qld Police) hit their collective arses on the way out.  And not surprisingly, I’ve been thinking… ya know, I could really use a handful of hefty young lads with strong backs to come and cut down some trees, and clean up the brothel that is my back yard, especially given the nine months of neglect it has endured while we haven’t wanted to be out doors at all thanks to Dale’s ever so pleasant demeanour.  The Q-Build guys have been doing yard work, cleaning away a small tonne of junk (toys, clothes and shoes and just stuff and crap) that they just left strewn all over the property and throughout the house, fixing things, doing a bit of painting etc,. and this afternoon the place was starting to look like it might be inhabitable again soon and I wondered what sort of neighbours we’ll get next time… I don’t know.  It’s a mystery!

But I do know that Daleyacunt is … my mistake… WAS … having the time of his life since he left town.  Thanks to the wonders of Facebook and the obvious lack of technological savvy on his part, we have been keeping an eye on Dickhead Dale via Facebook* for sometime. On occasion it was the only way we could predict if we would get a couple of hours peace and quiet if he was checked in down at the local pub.  And continue to check in he has…

Saturday Nov 10th – Looks they they’ve gone south and are living it up large on the government purse… fancy new car, lots of camping, no responsibilities and out on the open road. Nice for some.   😐

dole bludger violent cunt neighbour from hellI duly warned my good friends in Canberra that there was an special breed of parasitic arsewipe on the loose in their area but there was really not much more we could do than that.  Knew it was only a matter of time before he got himself in trouble though… I have a feeling he’s lots count of the amount of people who have Peace and Good Behaviour Bonds on him.

Monday 12th November – larking at Parliament House with his pig dog, Fred, brings him to the attention of the local constabulary – go team!

neighbour from hell wife basher violent offender abusive prick

Wednesday 14th November – surprise! surprise! surprise!  Things go tits up in a major way for Daleyacunt and FuckinFuckhead.  I wasn’t even there and I can imagine how it went down… he’s abused her in his normal way and strangely enough the people at the tent embassy went ‘Hey, that’s not on’.  But rather than call the police… this goes down instead:

violent abusive cunt wife beater arsehole neighbour from hell

I’m sorry… is it wrong that I literally laughed out loud when I read this?  This is exactly what we have been living with for the better part of the last year… I can’t count how many times I wanted to wave a gun in the dickhead’s general direction and try and get him to calm the fuck down – but it totally wasn’t worth it.  I value my weapons licenses and my only sporting hobby way too much to lose it all over a judgement impaired fucktard like Dale de Tosseur.  Can’t quite decided if I’m concerned that he has the toddler with him or not.  Neither of them are exactly Parent of the Year material and both equally volatile.  Scary and sad future for the little guy either way, I guess.  And then there was this:

Yesterday, Thursday 15th November – at Box Hill Hospital…

wife beater neighbour from hell belmont canberra new car

Well, I must say I am glad ‘bubba’ is still ‘breathing’, by which I take it he means that the baby is unharmed… but further than that, I really, really hope he wrote off his brand new ‘Centrelink paid for’ Nissan Navara, which no doubt wouldn’t be insured and would have been financed up the wa-hoo.  Basically think something like that couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

german word joy at pain trouble of others

But enough of this unseemly delight in the misfortune of my former neighbour.  I must say though, it is awfully fun to watch from up here in Qld… that whole “pain + distance = humour” adage has never been more true!

 *chick in the picture on Facebook link is Daleyacunt’s (aka Dale Raymond Hamson) sister, his ex-partner was Ms Janita Brown who is much younger and an indigenous Australian and sounds like she currently resides at the tent embassy in Canberra.