Offensive Crotchfruit

So, I am out at lunch today and, well… I’d say I’m with a bunch of my peers, but I’m really not – because I’m older than most of them and definitely more socially adept than all of them… but I’m out with a bunch of people I’ve known for sometime, and someone I know really well refers to my son as, ‘crotchfruit’ – in spite of knowing full well that I generally dislike the term, and particularly do not like the term being applied to my child – whom I worked so hard to bring into this world, and who is turning into a lovely, caring and considerate young man.

My immediate reaction?  I had an initial impulse to lash out and punch the dim witted chicken fucking moron in the face and walk out and never talk to him again.  My actual reaction?  Well, I smiled politely, took a sip of my drink and pretended it did not happen.  🙁

What sort of idiot… no scratch that… what sort of TRUSTED FRIEND who knows me inside out refers to my only child whom I love MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF in such offensive way?  How could anyone say that to someone they supposedly care about, in reference to their only child?  How could that person say it to someone who they know is FUCKING INFERTILE?  How could they say it to someone knowing how much struggle was endured to have that child?  How could they say something like this to someone they know has tried for over a FUCKING DECADE to have another child?  How could they say something like this in a social situation knowing that the intended wearer of this insult continues to FUCKING STRUGGLE with their infertility and is currently in the middle of resorting to goddamn surrogacy?  How could he?

I’m sure he thought he was just being funny…. well, guess what?  IT’S NOT FUCKING FUNNY!

How could you know all this about someone and then still think that calling their only child, ‘crotchfruit’ is funny or in anyway appropriate?  I sat at that table pretending everything was fine rather than act on impulse and rain down abuse, and storm out of the place.  But inside felt absolutely stunned.  Stunned that he felt the need to insult me and indirectly my son and my parenting.  Stunned that he was prepared to take such a cheap shot at me for no apparent reason and for very little gain..  I end up driving home crying and he got a cheap laugh from a bunch of maladjusted, socially retarded, geeks who are likely to breed themselves one day anyway.


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