Dickhead Dale Waxing Lyrical?

It’s like watching a train wreck and I just can’t look away!  Anyone would think I miss Daleyacunt and to be honest I’m starting to feel a bit like a stalker!  😛  But it’s just so amusing to see his life falling apart, bit by well deserved bit.  And I can just imagine the look on his smug arse face… ‘you fuckin’ cunt’s can’t do anything ta me! The fuckin’ cops can’t fuckin’ touch me, so whadda ya think, you can’t fuckin’ do anythin’, so ya stuck with me ya pricks!’ still ringing in my ears.  Sigh.

The most recent episodes of the Worlds Cheapest Soap Opera have seen our anti-hero buy a brand new car, get chased out of the aboriginal tent embassy by what sounds like an axe wielding family member during a volatile break up with his partner Ms Janita Brown, followed by a car accident and a short checkin at the Box Hill Hospital.  Now Daleyacunt seems to be waxing lyrical and poetic in amongst ranting about the exorbitant costs of veterinary services…. such a hard, hard life he is enduring poor bugger.  With a bit of luck they’ll continue to get worse for the miserable bastard:

cock head fucker neighbour from hell gone south

Wow, he actually think’s he’s the mature and sensible one breaking off bad relationships.  Nothing to do with the fact that he’s emotionally, verbally and physically abusing his partners!  What a fucking douchebag!  And yet here is all worried about that damn shark on a rope that he lavished attention on all the time in among screaming abuse at Fuckin’Fuckhead.

dob 22nd october 1972 neighbour from hell.

Dad?  Dad?  Don’t tell me he’s got even more kids!  How come a complete cockhead like this dickwad gets to father a handful of kids and then spends his life making theirs miserable by being abusive and scaring the hell out of them by beating on their moms, while other people who desperately want to have children can’t. 🙁  Oh, but here he is, DYC’s back and complaining about the cost of keeping his ‘best little mate’ alive.  That sounds more like the Dale we know and despise… to be honest, I’m surprised he spared the cash from his pocket money.  Probably have to cut back on the weed until next Centrelink pay day to cover it.

neighbour from hell arsehold threatened death violence abuse

But then maybe again maybe not… perhaps he was well stocked up beforehand, because he certainly sounds high as a kite in this post!  Hmmm, wonder when did he went from ‘Move the fucking pot over there ya fuckin’ fuckhead, not over there ya fuckin’ dickhead, what sort of fuckin’ stupid cunt would put the fucking plant over there when it fuckin’ obviously should go over here!’ to this:

neighbor from hell peace and good behaviour order

Wow! There’s something a little bit ‘my preciousss’ creeping in there somewhere. O_o.  He obviously thinks he’s quite the catch… a lover, a poet, Dad of the Year, animal lover and wife beater.  Oh, must be that last bit that keeps seeing him fall on his arse, but no doubt in his drug fucked misogynistic mindset – it’s all their fault.  Poor little bubba Jay indeed. 🙁

violent abusive emotional abuse verbal


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