The Never Ending Story of DYC & FF

Oh wow… just when I think I couldn’t be any more shocked at the blatant stupidity of Daleyacunt he just keeps upping the ante!  So much personal and private stuff all over Facebook for anyone to see.  As if anyone needs a reminder about checking your Facebook privacy settings… look no further!

janita brown incest sexual abuse child

Yeah, I remember when my Small Child was about 18 months, I thought it was hilarious to let him dance around a car park without holding my hand too…  :S   Since I decided some time ago that he’s probably a fucking text book psycho… I’m rapidly approaching the point where I’m happy to take the ‘probably’out of that statement…

neighbour from hell, abusive psycho prick

OMG.  Unbelievable. This has taken a turn for the deeply personal… violence, abuse and now incest?  Oversharing much, Dale?

facebook privacy whats that neighbours from hell

And the hits just keep on coming… can’t believe how brainwashed his daughter Shelby is btw.  She’s one of the kids that was living next door originally and was removed from the property after he made threats of violence against us in May…

janita brown neighbours from hell facebook war

I love that his ‘friends’/people are ‘liking’ this shit.  Who are these weirdos?

janita brown aboriginal tent embassy child abuse

I gotta wonder what on earth Janita Brown is sending him to set him off into this downwards spiral of what appears to be the closest thing to drug fucked introspection that Dale might be capable of.  She doesn’t appear to have a FB page or if she does, she knows how to use the privacy settings… damn and botheration!  😀

always changing private information who sees my profile


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