Letter from Cousins


My dearest Borys,

I am so sorry that somehow I managed to make you feel like you needed to explain how you felt. I should be the one apologising for hearing your grief but failing to hear its depth. Believe me when I say that I did not mean to make you feel bad or that in any way that you had made me leave. I could clearly see you were struggling and did not wish to continue to make you feel bad. Like most people you encounter I suppose I thought you would get used to having the baby around. I had thought that you were expecting us. But I could quickly see that that was unfair on you especially in your own home. I did not want you to have to say anything about how it made you feel when I could clearly see you were having trouble coping. That is why I left while you were away. I hated seeing you in pain that I had invertently caused. I have no problems with ErickTheHalfABee staying overnight and we are in the process of arranging some respite so we will have child free weekends in the future. Thank you for sharing your pain with me I feel privileged that you would trust me with your private thoughts. If I or my misguided but loving husband ever say anything insensitive or stupid in the future just remind us to read your email again.
Yours Always

OMG!!! Myer has 35% Moran suites atm.

Shopping for furniture is usually fun… but I’m feeling somewhat impaired in the decision making department of late so not sure it’s a good idea to be choosing furniture given that you usually have to put up with it for several years.  I’m having real difficulty here because I’ve had a particular itch for many years to invest in some really good quality Moran leather Hampshire (Chesterfield style) lounges.  I’ve always loved the look of them – they have that old English library/study feel about them or perhaps it’s a cigars and brandy gentlemen’s club sort of thing.  Either way I’ve been absolutely lusting after these sofas for well on a decade and a half now…

They are absolutely classic in design, well built and definitely the sort of item that you could pass to your grandkids one day, but they come with a couple of drawbacks: 1) they’re remarkably short in the back… which is totally not a problem for someone like me who barely makes 5’1" on a good day and… 2) they take about four or five years of ‘wearing in’ before they’re really comfortable.   These couches are like buying a pair of Doc Martens – you know it’s going to take a while before they wear in and you’ll expect a few blisters here and there while they’re new but once you’re past that… they’ll be the most comfy boots you’ll ever own.

There’s a couple of other options of course.  Moran make another leather sofa that I quite like, slightly more contemporary in styling but still has the hand studded finish that would match nicely with the antique red leather Romsey wingback that we already have.  This one is called the Brando and it certainly doesn’ t feel like it would need ‘wearing in’.  It’s pretty soft and comfy straight away


But it doesn’t have quite the same style about it and is far more contemporary in design.  Not a classic but still pretty classy.   So now I am having a decision making dilemma… do I go with the ones I have been coveting for half my life knowing full well they’ll take years to be truly comfortable and maybe even then only for short arses like me?  Or do we bow to practicality and choose something that will likely feel less like breaking in new Doc Martens and more like pulling on an old pair of well loved ugg boots?!?!?

Or then of course we could branch out and do something totally out of character and opt for something completely different… and by ‘completely different’ I mean something that is actually considered current and fashionable… like this… 

This sofa is much more chocolate brown and gold rather than burgundy in colour (dodgy advertising photographers…. I don’t know!) .  It is rather tizzy (who said that?  It couldn’t have been me!) and even though that’s a helluva lot of cushions that can be ‘out of place’ – it would suit our room and our purpose nonetheless.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!!! 

An untidy garage is a sign of a disorganized mind… and impending back pain.

I may have made a slight tactical error yesterday… and by that I mean that I did something monumentally stupid and now I’m paying for it.  I had to go to Bunnings to pick up some foil insulation, a new set of drill bits because some bastard seems to have made off with our old set as well as some other miscellaneous building related items.  When I got home I quite literally could not find anywhere in the garage to place the stuff I had just bought so I thought I’d shuffle some things around.

Big mistake.

Fucking big mistake.

Because once I started moving things about… and by that I mean putting everything back on the shelves where they belonged I couldn’t seem to stop.  So now the entire garage is tidied up, and things more methodically stowed and you can actually walk around in there again but my back has been screaming "HOLY FUCK WOMAN!  WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" at me all day.  I’m in so much pain I feel like I haven’t been able to think about anything else all day…. anything else of course except how damn lazy do you have to be to let the garage get that way in the first place????

I don’t understand why people don’t put things back when they’ve finished using them.  Why would there be three or four screwdrivers, at least two hammers, a few spanners and other tools left laying about on the ground, the work bench, in a bucket (?) and on a pile of bricks… rather than put back in the toolbox from whence they came?  Surely it makes more sense to put it back when you’re finished with it so that you know where the hell to look for it next time you need it?   It makes no sense to me to leave shit just dropped any old place.  None whatsoever.  How can it be too much trouble to take the 10 seconds required (or less) to return something to it’s allocated position?

It’s no wonder our damn drill bits are missing… I had half expected to find them in my cleaning frenzy yesterday and I’m convinced they’re going to turn up around here somewhere.  Somewhere unexpected like under the Small Child’s bed or perhaps in the cupboard under the sink in the laundry or somewhere else equally unsuitable for stowing a box of drill bits.