boryssnorc is….

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Boryssnorc!

  1. The Aztec Indians of Mexico believed boryssnorc would protect them from physical harm, and so warriors used her to decorate their battle shields.
  2. Boryssnorc cannot burp – there is no gravity to separate liquid from gas in her stomach.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, boryssnorc is not successful at sobering up a drunk person, and in many cases she may actually increase the adverse effects of alcohol!
  4. Boryssnorc is the male seed of a flower blossom which has been gathered and treated by bees.
  5. Boryssnorc was declared extinct in 1902.
  6. People used to believe that dressing their male children as boryssnorc would protect them from evil spirits!
  7. Boryssnorc has a bifurcated penis!
  8. Scientists have discovered that boryssnorc can smell the presence of autism in children.
  9. Boryssnorc can run sixty-five kilometres an hour – that’s really fast.
  10. Astronauts get taller when they are in boryssnorc.
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Adding these things to your journal is a transparent way of trying to make your life seem interesting when you have nothing to say. Most of my entries are private and I occasionally feel the need to add something in case someone is reading out there…. not that i anticipate that any of what I write is necessarily of any interest… and those that might find it interesting I might not necessarily want in my head 🙂

Levi Dorit

On the big boat, they were having all these art auctions, and one of the artists works that were on display and available for purchase were some by an Israeli artist named Levi Dorit.  She’s got a fantastic style full of flowing movements and vibrant colours.  I really liked her work and was very tempted to buy some prints that were on auction, but couldn’t quite come at the price tag at the time…  maybe one day though.  I had a look around on the net and found some more pics of her works and there’s even more on the website link above.   Love the muted and warm colours and I love the rotund and faceless depiction of her figures  🙂



Sierra Exif JPEG 25164_original