Blokenstein Halloween Party

Went to the Blokenstein Halloween party on Saturday night, and had a fantatsic time. Between a group of SCA enthusiasts and a pile of amateur theatre people, I’ve never seen a fancy dress party where everyone got so into the theme. The guys at Blokenstein went to a tonne of trouble doing up their back yard to look like a graveyard, with headstones, a mausoleum and massive stone looking gates around the side of the house.

Darkman and his band did a weird arse set of goth christmas carols- he’d rewritten the lyrics and gothed up the music, very 17thC harpsichord sort of thing. Set the ambiance off nicely πŸ™‚ Everyone was dressed up to the nines – Mr K went as a Fairy Godmother in a hot pink fairy costume, and stood out like dog’s balls all night. Brit-Knee was Paul Stanley, Humbibble went as a Playboy Bunny, Alex – a Mummy complete with straggling bandages. There was a few zombies about, a HellBoy, a ballerina, Maude as Poison Ivy, and loads of ghouls and goths.

I have vague recollections of LP turning up quite late – but I could be wrong, it could well just be my imagination, as my ability to recall details towards the end of the evening gets a little on the fuzzy side!

No inappropriate pants incidents from HdM for a change, and to the best of my knowledge pants remaind ‘in situ’ for the duration. Well done there – that’s gotta be a first!

Here’s a pic that I took on HdM’s camera which I thought captured the evening perfectly πŸ™‚

true blood early

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People are Strange.

Happy Birthday to BluddyMary! Hope the old biological clock ain’t ticking too loud today πŸ˜‰

Went to dinner last night with GB & BsM. I can’t get used to being hit on by him! They have an ‘arrangement’ and I know they’re non-monogamous. I also know that BsM has a ‘thing’ for me (he says I have a “certain something about me” ??? a “sexy je ne sais quois if you will”. And whilst compliments are often lovely, coming from a man who is happily married to one of my friends, it is always a little on the strange side. The weirdest bit is how the wife is running his press office by occasionally referring to how ‘good’ he is, or how ‘big’ he is… like she’s trying to sell him to me!

Now, maybe if I were ‘into’ him it would be a very different LJ entry I’d be writing this morning!!! Nah, I can’t back that up – that’d be marked private! πŸ˜›



Stupid mistakes drive me crazy. This morning my calendar went bing and I thought ‘I know what that is…’ and without looking at it, closed the reminder and went on looking through my email.

Which would be fine except that I dismissed a reminder telling me that they were having a pupil free day today, and I ony discovered this once I got all the way to preschool. Shits me to tears when I waste time like this.

I’ve finally succumbed to the damn cold that everyone around here has been spraying around all last week! I have a sore throat and a nasty cough – hope it goes away by next weekend….