Gee, Let’s Not Talk.

Well on her way to being one of the most photographed women in the world, I’m really starting to think that Dita von Teese ought to keep her mouth shut… or hire someone else to run her Twitter account for her.   :S

Most of her tweets are promoting her shows and her clothing collections etc, but this is Dita Von Teese ‏@DitaVonTeese attempting to be pithy today:

“I just met either the hottest, straightest gay guy or the hottest, gayest straight guy…”

Yeah… let’s not talk, hon.  Stick to your strengths –

black and white twitter collection clothing retro

black and white clothing twitter dull stupid stockings

Maybe it’s my profile picture?

I’ve been catching up with the technologies over the last few months since I started blogging again.  Got me a Twitter account… not that I say much, but it exists and I get all my news in 140 characters or less from BBC World and The New York Times which suits me to a tee!  I also have a Linked In thing, but I’m still trying to figure out how to make that work for me.  The Klout account experiment has kinda died (predictably) in the arse, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with my FourSquare account.

Now it might be my profile picture (same as the one on this blog) but I started getting lots of requests from guys with mega hot abs and butts adding me as friends!  And who am I to say no to guys with six packs and buns you could bounce pennies off… so I now have a tonne of friends from all around the world who pop up on FourSquare and they check in to some crazy cool places.  Then the weekends rolled round and I noticed a bit of a trend… lots of check ins at gay clubs!  Awesome… I don’t care if they’re straight, gay, bi, trans, whatever… hot abs in my friends’ feed – so not complaining!   😀

not scared gay marriage rights in australia queensland

So I started taking notes on some of the names of these clubs and some of them are fabulous and oh so subtle… here are some of my favourites:

Thundercock Express
Grindr Room
Full Frontal Disco
The Tool Shed
The Monster
XL Lounge
Eastern Bloc
The Stud
Backdoor Lounge
The Swirl
Double Header
Mother Lode
The Cock
DNA Lounge
Boiler Room
After Hours
Hot Boy Central
Hole In The Wall
Bum Bum Bar
Cuff Complex
Don’t Tell Mama
The Urge
Moby Dick
Oil Can Harry’s
The Cubbyhole
Le Boy Bar
Toad Hall

Which makes me wonder, if I was going to open my own open minded club… what would I call it???

The Psychology of Colour

Years ago, in the way back when machine and I was 15 going on 25, but still in high school… we had a bathroom that was painted in bright rainbow colours.  Each stall was painted a bright primary colour and across the front of the doors was a large horizontal rainbow of colour.  At some point in the late 80s, it was determined that bright colours are agitating and excitable to young people (this was a private Catholic girls’ school, mind you) and the entire bathroom was sadly painted over in a hideous ‘salmon pink’ that was supposedly designed to be calming and studious.  It was just disgusting and bland… and we hated it.

rainbow coloured pipes psychology of colour

Most colours have corresponding psychological associations as perceived by (North American, British and Australian) mainstream culture.  They are as follows:

Red… excitement, strength, sex, passion, speed, danger.
Blue… (most popular colour btw) trust, reliability, belonging, coolness.
Yellow… warmth, sunshine, cheer, happiness
Orange… playfulness, warmth, vibrant
Green… nature, fresh, cool, growth, abundance
Purple… royal, spirituality, dignity
Pink… soft, sweet, nurture, security
White… pure, virginal, clean, youthful, mild
Black… sophistication, elegant, seductive, mystery
Gold… prestige, expensive, tradition, heritage
Silver… prestige, cold, scientific

But psychological associations of colour can also be subjective and cultural, so that list isn’t comprehensive or by any means exhaustive.  For example, white is the color of death in Chinese culture, but purple represents death in Brazil.  Yellow is sacred to the Chinese, but signified sadness in Greece and jealousy in France.  In North America, Britain and Australia green is typically associated with jealousy and people from tropical countries respond most favorably to warm colours whereas people from northern climates prefer the cooler colours!

Yet none of this explains why… oh God why?!?!… the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue where I am currently working on a daily basis is largely decorated in that aesthetically offensive lime-green and charcoal colour combination currently favoured by public libraries the country over.  It’s perfectly horrid and I find myself having an emotional reaction every time I walk in the place!  The walls are green, the doors are olive green, the bins are green, the soft furnishings are green, the pin boards are green… even the goddamn toilets are green!   Natural, cool, growth and abundant, indeed!  🙁

rhd office history department green lime library interior design

Seriously!!!  If one is unhappily devoid of the colour sense, it is my best advice that one ought to avoid interior design as a career choice!!!   🙁   Fuck all you loathsome lime-green lovin’ library decorators!