People are Strange.

Happy Birthday to BluddyMary! Hope the old biological clock ain’t ticking too loud today 😉

Went to dinner last night with GB & BsM. I can’t get used to being hit on by him! They have an ‘arrangement’ and I know they’re non-monogamous. I also know that BsM has a ‘thing’ for me (he says I have a “certain something about me” ??? a “sexy je ne sais quois if you will”. And whilst compliments are often lovely, coming from a man who is happily married to one of my friends, it is always a little on the strange side. The weirdest bit is how the wife is running his press office by occasionally referring to how ‘good’ he is, or how ‘big’ he is… like she’s trying to sell him to me!

Now, maybe if I were ‘into’ him it would be a very different LJ entry I’d be writing this morning!!! Nah, I can’t back that up – that’d be marked private! 😛


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