Four Pics One Word

Quite a few of my friends have been playing a little game on their smartphones lately called ‘Four Pics, One Word’ (which brings up immediate and somewhat alarming correlations with the ‘Two Girls, One Cup’ thing, which is no doubt deliberate, but I digress!) and I know this to be true… because when they run out of coins they are posting their harder puzzles to Facebook and asking the hive mind for assistance!  🙂

beer scotch keg mouthwash alcohol 716

burn toast flames warning people 500

Four Pics, One Word is essentially word puzzle game – you are provided with four images that are connected in some way, along with twelve letters that create a word which relates to all four images.  Some of the visual clues are very straight forward and the answer will leap out at you straight away.

newspaper section book magazines wardrobe clothes 770

And then others tend towards the somewhat obscure and require a bit of lateral or abstract thinking to figure out the correct word.  That, or putting it aside and looking at it with fresh eyes later and you can usually figure them out as they don’t seem to get more difficult as you go along.

So you sail through a few and then actually have to look at the puzzle for a few seconds.  Personally, I find this game fairly straightforward and haven’t used the ‘coins’ you get for getting the words correct (they can be used to delete letters from the options or to purchase a letter in the word I believe).   This is probably because many moons ago I did a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree where they inflicted things like ‘Reading the Visual’ and ‘Visual Perception’ and ‘Communicating using Images’ onto us, so dissecting art, symobls or visual imagery and relating to them as concepts and words has become second natur over the years.

But what I really love about this little game is the beautiful quality the game has about it.  It’s very polished looking, the images are all professional stock photography, the letter tiles are very smooth and easy to read, and it’s a simple design and layout… it’s really just a rather pretty meadow, I guess.

horse knight armour chess piece knight 569

But, (and y’all knew there was a big old ‘but’ coming!) there is something that is driving me absolutely nuts about this game.  And it’s the advertisements.  They pop up about every half dozen words guessed, probably more frequently than that in all honesty and given the little word puzzle game is free, the ads are inevitable yes?  However, it’s not the actual presence of the ads that is annoying me… it’s the visual presentation of them!  Here the developers are having spending considerable time and energy creating a game that is visually quite stunning on a little handheld device only to turn around and have it frequently polluted for their users by throwing in ugly looking advertisements for other cheap and nasty looking games.  WHY?  Surely they could be putting up more targeted advertising than this?  Why something that is so incongruous with the quality of the game in which they are putting them?

four words one pic ugly advertisement candy crush

four words one pic ugly advertisement wheel deal

four words one pic ugly advertisement senior T

Urgh… the ugly keeps interrupting my little game, setting off my OCD, and making me twitch like mad!  I just know I’m going to cave and buy the Premium version of the game for the grand total of USD$1.99 just so I won’t be visually assaulted with these horrid cheap looking ads!

Twitch. Twitch.

They’ve gone and done it again!  No explanation.  No apparent reason.  No earthly logical reason why changing the introduction music to a TV show is a cunning plan… unless of course it’s to save royalties because the original artists were starting to get greedy about it.

song changed boring temperence brennan agent booth angel

Watched Bones S08E01 tonight and got 5 minutes in only to discover that they have changed the intro music/sequence and it is now a watered down pathetic version of it’s former self.  Why?  Especially after seven successful seasons where they have indelibly imprinted the associations in our brains between that particular piece of music and their show?!?  I’m sure you can damn well get it as a ring tone for crying out loud.  To change it, well… it makes no sense!!!

I may have railed against this in the past in regards to ‘The Unit’ and ‘Veronica Mars’ amongst other shows, but I just don’t understand why (when you’re obviously on a winning formula) you decide to fuck with it?

I was quite disappointed to hear the new intro, it’s like a cheap knockoff version of itself and it no longer has the same connotations as the original Bones tune… it was all I could do not to switch it off in disgust and never come back!


All on a sesame seed bun.

Am I the only person who sees sesame seeds and just HAS to pick them up and squish them between their fingernails?  And I don’t mean just picking them up and making them go pop between the nails of your thumb and forefinger… I mean picking them up and putting it on the back of your thumbnail and applying pressure with your other thumbnail until it pops in a manner that is familiar to mother’s the world over who have ever had to groom their child for head lice?

Because there’s this thing you do every time your school sends home a notice saying that some kid has nits. You go through the procedure of checking their heads, checking their heads, checking their heads… and then the day comes when you notice with horror that there is a louse in your kids hair.  Whereupon you carry out the following procedure in this order –

1) Freak out and start scratching your own head… because ewww!
2) Douse your poor child’s head with some disgusting toxic chemical concoction
3) Half drown said child trying to wash away the disgusting toxic chemical shit
4) Comb repeatedly with itty bitty painful lice comb until your kids hair is squeaky clean…

All the while continually resisting the urge to keep scratching your own head at the very thought of it.

australian summer nits plague chemicals

And if you do happen to find a live one, then you pick it up by dragging it along the length of the hair strand and then it’s trapped between the pad of you thumb and finger… even though lice can’t jump you treat those little buggers like they’re as hard to nail down as fleas because the last thing you want is a louse in your house moving at his own recognizance!  You then carefully put it on your left thumbnail and then you squish that little fucker with your right thumbnail until you hear it go pop… because if you don’t – the little blighters don’t die!  Btw, if you don’t have kids you have all this to look forward to EVERY summer.

But I digress, because I wasn’t talking about nits, I was talking about my OCD-like compulsion to squish sesame seeds in the same way I squish nit.  Am I the only person who does this?  Do other people see sesame seeds and leave them to languish in peace on the table cloth?  Or do they happily sweep them up and discard of them thoughtfully?  Or are there other people out there who, like me, see an errant sesame seed and think that its pernicious little presence needs to be squished into oblivion?

I think someone is going through my trash….

Okay so I just did this weird little ‘What colour are you?" Facebook bit of stuff and nonsense test cos… well I’m in front of the computer and have this OCD like compulsion to fill in these damn things when they’re put in front of me. There was only a few questions – below – and then it spat out saying that I am ‘green’…. which I am definitely not. I’m pepto-bismol pink as well we know! But the little personality profile it spat out at the end is creepy… made me feel like someone was watching over my shoulder as I read it.

Have Facebook somehow gotten hold of notes from my shrink or something? I mean Fabebook often seems ubiquitous and all… but this is just… scary accurate…..

The real "true colors" quiz
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Rule Follower



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At work you are conceptual and an independent thinker. For you work is play. You are drawn to constant challenge in career, and like to develop models, explore ideas, or build systems to satisfy your need to deal wth the innovative. Once you have perfected an idea you prefer to move on leaving the project to be maintained and supported by others

In love you prefer to let your head rule tour heart. You dislike repetition, so it is difficult for you to continuously express your feelings. You beleive that once feelings are stated, they are obvious to a partner. You are uneasy when your emotions control you. You want to establish a relationship, leave it to maintain itself, and turn your energies back to your career.

In childhood you appeared to be older than your years and focused on your greatest interests, achiveing in subjects that were mentally stimulating. You were impatient with drill and routine, questioned authority, and found it necessary to respect teachers before you could learn from them.