Mumble fuck… mumble fuck

I’ve been catching up on episodes of ‘The Unit’ which is a gung-ho bit of Sepo bullshit sort of show but entertaining enough for all that.  What I want to know is – Why on earth do the ‘powers that be’ insist of fucking with something when it’s obviously working for them.  I am of course referring to the introduction music/sequence. 

They had this edgy military cadence thing going on with soldiers jumping out of helicopters, climbing trees, shooting bad guys looking all  intense while they did it bit… and for some reason – here comes season three of the show and they swap it for some soppy piece of shit that doesn’t have the same feel at all. 

I don’t know if I’m alone here, but I tend to associate different bits of music with various emotions and memories and when they do shit like this to me in mid-stream it just pisses me off.  Mr K and others hate it when we’re watching a TV series one episode after another and I tend to let the intro music run as the theme songs tend to be immediately recognizable and evocative of the sort of content you’re about to view.  Now I admit by the time I’ve watched about 7 West Wings in a row that the intro can get a little old but some of them never do.

Veronica Mars – love that intro… it’s cute, it’s perky it’s teen America in the ’00s – or at least we love that intro until they pfaffed with it in the third season (Hmmm are we detecting a trend here?).  The Firefly them intro – now why would anyone want to skip through that?  Battlestar Galactica – the intro for that is about the only thing on the idiot box guaranteed to make me look up from my needlework to see the 30sec prelude that shows all the action that’s about to unfold.  There’s really too many of them to go through but I really want to know what is the value in changing the damn song when they’ve already trained their audience into making an association with a certain tune and their content?

Stoopid eejits.

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