Blogging Stat Weirdnesses

I started this blog in mid 2005, I think?  It started as a cathartic place to screen dump all my horrible feelings about IVF failures, slowly morphed into a place to dump funny stuff and nonsense, spent a couple of years as a place to complain constantly about chronic pain and the shit associate with that and now, ti’s main purpose seems to be a place to rail against things that just plain ol’ piss me off… and they are many!

But there’s weirdnesses that come with blogging.  I’ve posted before (here and here) about how amused and amazed I constantly am, at the weird and wonderful and downright crazy arsed strange things that people search for and land on my blog!  I’ve also posted (here) about how fucking funny it was to find that my blog is blocked and considered pornographic by the Qld Government.  😛   Blogging about the phenomena of blogging is somewhat tautological, but if you don’t keep a web log, I guess it’s stuff you’d never know about.

Another one of the weirdnesses that come along with blogging are the stats.  This blog is ‘Proudly powered by WordPress’ (Just ask it!  It will remind you so at the bottom of every page) and that means it gives me all sorts of info on how many people are visiting my blog… what they are looking at … what they were searching for… how they got there… it even gives you pretty graphs to show the traffic.  This was from last month and shows an average of 100-200 pages get spooked every day:

regular graph

But every now again I’ll do something unusual, like write something about IVF or chronic pain or something, and then post it to some relevant forum which has high traffic volume and then my graph ends up with a massive ‘Reddit Boner’ which hangs around for about a month making the regular traffic look pathetic and small, like this:   😛

anomaly spoke messy graph

Now, mostly I write shit just for me… if anyone else happens to find anything useful or amusing in these posts then, that’s really just a side effect really.  You’d think that I’d be pleased about a huge day with 1521 hits on my site, but to be honest… it makes my OCD twitch, and as such, I’ve been waiting for that March 20th Reddit Boner to go away and give me back my neat little graph again.  It should disappear tomorrow in fact.

One of the other things that I find amusing from time to time in the stats is the bit that tells you what search engines the traffic are coming from:

wordpress jetpack referrals

Now this, I always think is funny… mostly because it makes me wonder who is that one poor fucker out there using Bing, the world’s crappiest search engine ever!

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