What ARE you looking for Part II

I’m constantly amazed at the statistics that my blog spits out at me. The number of people who search for Dita von Teese nude/nake is astonishing. The 66+ searches for narwhals that seem to turn up each week is someone bewildering but the strange stuff is the one off searches that just make me go “Huh, what the fuck are you looking for? And how on earth did you end up here?”

Stuff Searched for Lately:
buses on St Helena Island
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self insemination abortion
monkey discipline
latex catsuit smell
failed reproduction
www.Italian pistol.com
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you start by sinking into his arms and end up with your arms in his sink
you got some city miles on you
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3D printer + dildo
dinosaurs on a table edge
Pakistani shawls
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fuzzy squid
no hope for the human race
socially unacceptable advertising
total apathy
heckle and jeckle bedspreads
cheese platter
gangster santa
the ten paul rudd vaheena
snoo bacon
essay on autagonistophilia
biscuits mine mine mine
swim up prosuder for semen
lost in paperwork
lolcats … ????

At least no one has ever landed here searching for a Nyan cat!

weirdness nyan cat never ending

The other thing I always find vaguely amusing is that every couple of days someone seems to find my blog using something other than Google. Yep, about 3-4 times a week someone seems to have been directed here by Bing… and all I can think is ‘You poor suckers using such a shity search engine!”

Tell me what you think