DIY Rainbow

Last week, NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay decided to rip up the Rainbow Crossing that was installed for the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade allegedly because it created a public safety hazard as people were stopping to take portraits on the colourful landmark.  Oh no. We can’t have people actually enjoying a public art installation can we?   Gay (ironic, huh) knowing how popular the decision to get rid of the Rainbow Crossing would be, had it ripped up in the middle of the night and without consulting the local community.

sydney rainbow crossing destroyed


As expected this has been a very unpopular decision, but has caused a significant and still ongoing ‘backlash’… if you can call it that.  Most public ‘backlashes’ that rail against bad government policy or unpopular community decisions tend to lead to acrimonious accusations in the news, social media outrage and sometimes protesters taking to the streets shouting their cause and holding hastily created placards.  This ‘backlash’ has taken on a very different form – it’s a very warm and fuzzy supportive sort of backlash if we can still call it that.  People are indeed taking to the streets to rail against this particular unpopular decision, but in a totally unique and totally cool way…

DIY rainbow 4 Diy rainbow 5 DIY rainbow 12 DIY rainbow 13 DIY rainbow 14 DIY rainbow 15 DIY rainbow brisbane DIY rainbow soho DIY rainbow st louis Sydney wants to keep its rainbow road crossing celebrating gay and lesbian heritage DIY rainbow6 DIY rainbow7 DIY rainbow8 DIY rainbow9 DIY rainbow10 DIY rainbow11 DIY rainbowsemaphore DIYRainbow FNQ DIYrainbow DIYrainbow2 DIYrainbow2NY DIYrainbow3 DIYrainbowB105


People around the country, well around the world actually, are grabbing chalk and making their own pavement rainbow crossings in a huge DIY Rainbow Crossing campaign to show support for Sydney and their lost Rainbow Crossing.  Small and large chalk rainbow crossings are appearing all over the world and pictures of them are turning up all over Twitter and Facebook.  It’s really heartwarming to see such a peaceful protest having such a powerful impact.


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