How embarrassment! :S

Blink … Blink

Well I was right about one thing – I have absolutely no recall of writing any of that in my journal last night  Which is not good…. and I must say I think I am totally blameless here.  The fault lies entirely at the feet of the pharmaceutical distributors and their lax approach to warning labels.!    All the drugs have clearly marked on them :

but at no point do they implicitly state that these medications turn you into a monstrous raving lunatic and that one ought not be allowed access to a keyboard whilst under the influence of said medications.  These companies are obviously lax in their duty of care…. and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.   馃槓
I have no idea what was going through my head at the time other than a general feeling of relief that my back pain had abated for a short while.  I was going to delete it but figured it is somewhat indicative of the trouble I’ve been facing with my concentration lately.  I’ve been having difficulties trying to read anything and am constantly doing that thing where you read the same paragraph over and over because you’re not sure if you read it already???  Then when I’ve finished reading something, I can’t for the life of me remember what it was about?!?!  Which is probably why I’ve been spending my time embroidering and watching reruns of Bones and Boston Legal instead.  Less productive…. but less work for my poor little drug addled brain.

So, I’d rather that we just forget about that previous post and pretend that Borys was kidnapped by aliens and was understandably traumatized by the obligatory alien abduction rectal probe – and it was this that caused the lapse in her usual concise and well considered mode of conduct.  Let good judgment reign and sound opinions return.  Though I am curious about a couple of things….what’s with the song lyrics?… and the strange peanut butter ditty?  (I think that was an old TV ad from the 70s but I’m not sure).  :S

Better out than in.

And there you have it…. you know I don’t think I’ve actually used the word ‘anthropomorphism’聽 (anthropomorphic maybe… but not anthropomorphism) in every day conversation since I left uni… and that would largely be due to the fact that art students are fed great gobbing spoonfuls of anthropomorphisms, juxtapositions, recontextualizations and other made up artsy fartsy twonk words.


an路thro路po路mor路phism聽聽 (膩n’thr蓹-p蓹-m么r’f沫z’蓹m)
n. 聽聽 聽 Attribution of human motivation, characteristics, or behaviour to inanimate objects, animals or natural phenomena.

Morphine ap茅ritif anyone?

There should be an unwritten rule that one ought not be allowed near the keyboard once one has ingested a couple of tramadol, a few valium, some endep, a couple of digesic and, upon realizing they’re not working (hard for her money, so hard for it, honey), some morphine hydrochloride before dinner.  馃槓   It seems unwise to be allowed to screen dump stuff from my head uncensored by my habitual circumspect perspicacity… perspicacity?  Did I just make that up?  Probably makes no sense.  Oh well… so long as I know what I mean that will have to do for now.

I am fairly confident I wont have any recall (Angel) in the morning (Angel, just kiss my cheek before you leave me, baby) of what I post here tonight… but when you’re high (as a kite and I just might stop to check you out) you really don’t care.  And yup.  I am feeling kinda out of it about now but at least the pain has gone away (gone away, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) for the time being. 

I’ve had a pretty shit week all up.  The physio hurts (so good, c’mon baby make it hurt so good) a lot, and even though I know the more pain I can put up with while I am there, the more mobility I’ll get later .  I on so many drugs it’s hard to figure out which if any are providing any benefit. I am just so sick (Sick!  Of!  Yoouuu! I’m so sick, so sick of you!) of it.  It feels like it’s a never ending (storrree… whoa whoa whoa whoa) cycle of pain and bullshit.  We’re not in Kansas anymore Caesar.

The real question is – can anyone truly sympathize with my dry mouthedness???  I need (a lover that won’t drive me crazy) a frozen Coke.  Yes… one of those would be good but it’s just a bandaid.  Everybody (wants to rule the world) tries to understand, but no one seems to really know what it’s like to have to live like this.  I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch (I’m a tease, I’m a goddess on my knees) but I find it hard to be tolerant when I’m in pain and every little thing (she does is magic, every thing she do just turns me on) inexplicably pisses me off.  It’s the little things in life that are often the … oh fuck that shit… it’s the little things in life that drive you (home tonight, whose gonna drive you home tonight?) up the fucking wall. 

Suck it up princess  馃槓   (Peanut butter!   Peanut butter!  Ooh!   Crunch!   Ahh!)


Why is ‘anthropomorphism’ going through my head?
There really should be at least seven to a page.
I’ve got to stop chewing my lips.

What are they … about 15s?

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Borys:   I am sick to death of these fucking emails about penis enlargement!   I get about dozen each day and I don’t have a fucking penis.  Look at this one…  promises to help you ‘archive’ a seven inch penis AND to improve the flavour of your jiz!  Ewww…

Yale:   Seven inches?  They’d have to cut some off…  he he he.


Better to be known as a sinner than a hypocrite.

This morning myself and the Small Child went to his new school to complete his enrollment and to purchase all the relevant equipage associated with starting at a new educational institution… you know the drill.  Anyway, as I tortured the small boy with the trying on of uniform shirts and shorts and even the ‘compulsory school art smock’ … I found myself pondering the following question:

Are there levels of hypocrisy?

Because here I am…. enrolling the Small Child in a private Catholic school.  Now I’ve often felt I had a fantastic childhood and part of that I’ve always attributed to having had a pleasant childhood educational experience.  I was never subjected to bullying or social ostracism, never had difficulties with learning and I loved going to school – with the notable exception being when they lined us up to go to the bloody Qld Health Dental van where the apprentice dentists used to torture us … but that is another story.   Anyway, I am fairly certain that my predominantly positive memories of my early schooling was in no small part due to the fact that my parents shelled out the extra dosh to put me and my sisters through private Catholic schools where we had smaller classes, excellent  teachers and better resources. 

Now in my case… the whole Catholic thing didn’t really take…. so much so that I probably fall neatly into the atheist category (sorry Sister Mary).  So exactly how much of a hypocrite am I for enrolling Angel in Catholic school knowing that he’s going to be indoctrinated with a whole pile of shit I don’t believe in myself?   And given that it was totally premeditated – yes, I had him Christened Catholic when he was 6 months old anticipating that this is a prerequisite to getting into private schools.   Are there… degrees of hypocrisy?  Like maybe Hypocrisy in the First Degree is like when you’re anti-abortion and pro-death penalty, and Second Degree Hypocrisy is being publicly against gay marriage, but you’re actually a closet homosexual and are married with three kids sort of thing?  And so on and so forth…

And if so… what degree of hypocrisy is it for a lapsed Catholic who is anti organized religion to be sending their Small Child to Catholic school?  It’d have to be way down the list right?  Only a little teeny weeny Degree of Hypocrisy yeah?  Maybe 12th Degree or something huh?

Mom:   Wow!  Angel, you’ve grown so big lately, I think we better get the next size up!

Small Child:  I’m growing bigger every day Mom.  Except Saturdays obviously.

Mom:   Obviously   馃槷