How embarrassment! :S

Blink … Blink

Well I was right about one thing – I have absolutely no recall of writing any of that in my journal last night  Which is not good…. and I must say I think I am totally blameless here.  The fault lies entirely at the feet of the pharmaceutical distributors and their lax approach to warning labels.!    All the drugs have clearly marked on them :

but at no point do they implicitly state that these medications turn you into a monstrous raving lunatic and that one ought not be allowed access to a keyboard whilst under the influence of said medications.  These companies are obviously lax in their duty of care…. and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.   😐
I have no idea what was going through my head at the time other than a general feeling of relief that my back pain had abated for a short while.  I was going to delete it but figured it is somewhat indicative of the trouble I’ve been facing with my concentration lately.  I’ve been having difficulties trying to read anything and am constantly doing that thing where you read the same paragraph over and over because you’re not sure if you read it already???  Then when I’ve finished reading something, I can’t for the life of me remember what it was about?!?!  Which is probably why I’ve been spending my time embroidering and watching reruns of Bones and Boston Legal instead.  Less productive…. but less work for my poor little drug addled brain.

So, I’d rather that we just forget about that previous post and pretend that Borys was kidnapped by aliens and was understandably traumatized by the obligatory alien abduction rectal probe – and it was this that caused the lapse in her usual concise and well considered mode of conduct.  Let good judgment reign and sound opinions return.  Though I am curious about a couple of things….what’s with the song lyrics?… and the strange peanut butter ditty?  (I think that was an old TV ad from the 70s but I’m not sure).  :S

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