Where the deer and the antelope play…

Back home and down with a thud.

While I was away…. my big nasty conglomerate of an employer, decided to amalgamate the functions of some of their call centres and abolish some others… and you don’t get three guesses as to who lost their job in that little shuffle!   Found out about it while I was still in Turkey, but didn’t get wound up over it…. and certainly didn’t allow it to affect me in any tangible way, nothing radical like refraining from buying expensive carpets or anything.  😐

Anyway, I get to work this morning and the place is like a morgue… no one wants to be there… everyone knows their time there is limited…. and people who were previously fond of doing dodgy things are now doing dodgy things – openly.  Customer service has plummeted, call stats likewise taken a substantial hit, and moral is lower then I’ve ever seen in a work place.  One guy said it was like the fall of Saigon but with less helicopters…….. 

But even so, (and possibly because my expectations were so horribly low) I actually had a pretty good day….. after I spent the first hour fighting with system passwords – we have about a dozen different systems with as many password and all mine had expired!  So between fighting with passwords and having pretty much forgetten the minute amount of technical knowledge I thought I might have once had for fixing peoples internets*…. I think I did okay  :S

Need a new job  😐

* that is proving a hard habit to break…
all the ‘net cafes in Turkey had signs out front reading “INTERNETS”
and now I cant stop myself calling it internets plural!??!?!)

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