Playing Ketchup….

I’ve just gone back and posted some entries pertaining to the last few days, things I scritched down in my notebook while I had no access to the internets, and things I was thinking, but definitely not coherent enough to translate into tangible thoughts through the jet lagged haze…..
Now I’m up to date, safely ensconced back in the first world and have had a few days to recover, I’ve noticed a lot of little things that I’ve missed about home while I’ve been off traipsing across Turkey and Pakistan…

Dem t’ings …….
.   Ham and bacon and pork … oh my!  Why is pork unclean? :S
.   My bed!  Orthopedic goodness… hmmmm.
.   Public displays of affection!  How risque!
.   Being able to blend into a crowd.
.   Alca-mahol… a civil glass of wine with dinner.
.   Music – for seeming sensible reasons at the time I went iPod-less…
.   Being able to cook… in MY kitchen 🙂
.   Not having to worry about time zones to phone home.
.   Going shopping and not being harassed by touts.
.   Fruit Tingles, Twisties, Vegemite, avocados, decent bananas – the list goes on…
.   The news being read in English :S
.   Having more than two pairs of shoes and two pair of jeans at my disposal
.   Fast internets

And I am sure there is lots of other little things too…. but I am too tired and I have to get up for work for a 0700 start in the city… so I’m off to bed… alone for a change… to get some sleep for a change!  🙂


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