Parking Nazi

Grrrr!!!!  I had to leave work early today cos I wasnt feeling so hot (havent been 100% since I got back from Pakistan).  Anyway I went to drive out of the carpark and the little Nasty Arse Power Mongering Dumbass Bitch of a parking attendant wanted to charge me $27.00 to leave!   We have an early bird parking thing going on at the car park, so I should have only been charged $13.50…. in before 9am I thought and the Early Bird parking rate is all yours.  Not so!  You have to be in before 9am but you have to be out after 2pm to get the Early Bird rate. 

How illogical is that?  They charge you $27.00 for being there 5 hours, but $13.50 if you arrive at the same time but are there for longer????  And this is twenty-seven dollars… not dogdy Pakistani rupee or something! 

ME:  “I work for the devil, so can I have the Goliath parking rate please?  Which should only be $15.00, right?”
NAPMDB:  “No sorry Ma’am you haven’t stamped your parking ticket, so I can’t give you the $15.00 Goliath rate.”
Me:  “Look,  here is my ID, which you will agree is far harder to replicate than a stamp yes?  I’m going home sick.  Don’t make me go back up into work to get the damned ticket stamped….”
NAPMDB: “Sorry Ma’am if you don’t have your ticket stamped you’ll have to pay the full rate.”

At which point I turned off the engine, got out of the car, left it in the exit driveway, locked it as I walked away and proceeded back into the building to stamp my fucking ticket…. with the NAPMDB coming after me yelling that I cant leave my car parked in the way.   I turned and gave her the filthiest look at which point she went back to her little booth and got on the phone – no doubt to ask her supervisor what to do with me.  

I stamped my damn ticket – bitched to who ever was in the lift on the way up and down….. paid the goddamn $15.00 and came home in a foul mood.   

When did we become so unflexible over the stupid little things?

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