One of the consultants at work today got a call today from a customer who’d had a new ADSL wifi service installed last month and had just received his first bill…. for $13,000.   😐    Seems his wifi was left unsecure, and someone (or someones) had accessed it and absolutely reamed his account.  Now I’m not one for math, but it seems to me that $13,000 in excess usage at 15c / MB is a LOT of download!!!   Correction… a hellava LOT of download. 

I mean who has that kinda storage?!?!? 

I wonder who left the wifi unsecured??   I wonder how they stole so much in such a short time??   I wonder…. how much of it was porn?   😛   Oh… maybe there was even some Turtle Porn downloaded in there somewhere!!! 

Tell me what you think