We didn’t get dead, but…

I nearly killed us the other night….  🙁

Literally.  I can’t stop thinking about it now.  We were on our way home from work, and it was late, after midnight, as we’ve been doing evening shifts for the last month and a half.  Anyway, I pulled up at the red lights at the Gabba, there was quite a bit of traffic even though it was late… it’s always a pretty busy area there as you come off the freeway…. which so far is sounding all pretty normal.  But then for some reason, while I was stopped at the lights…I was watching the lights at intersection ahead of the one that I was stopped at turn green…..and ….. without thinking…. drove off….. across the intersection…. even though the lights were still red.   😐

I can’t explain it.   I just wasn’t paying attention.  I was just too tired.  Obviously shouldn’t have been driving at all, but what can you do?  I’ve been drinking V and taking NoDoze most of last week to get through my shifts, as I’m just not someone who can survive on little sleep for weeks on end…. or maybe half the problem stems from not getting decent sleep because of my stupid back even when I do manage to get enough hours of sleep  :S  I dont know… but I think I need to do something about it…… before I quite literally kill us on the way home.   🙁

After much begging and scrounging, I’ve got some earlier shifts next week so I hope that a few early nights helps….   :S

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