Coup ??? Schmoup!!!

For the first time ever I’m about to go off travelling and not get screwed on exchange rates!    I think the worst of it was when I was in the UK in ’98 and we had a real shit exchange rate  – was something like nearly 3-1 on the Aus dollar to the GBPound… nothing worse than picking up a block of cheese in the supermarket and doing some quick arithmetic in your head and realizing that you’re about to pay $14 for a block of boring cheese!  $10 for a teeny wedge of exotic cheese is a different matter of course 😉Couldn’t ask for better really – the $AUD is buying about $US0.82 which is like a 14 year high… and now I can get even more excited cos the Turkish Lira has just started to tank too!  Yay for being able to afford more rugs and gold in the Grand Bazaar!  Now if only that impending nasty military coup could just hold off until I’ve left the country!!!   😀

Turkish stocks and currency slump

turkish flag

Turkey is in the process of negotiating membership of the EU

Turkey’s main stock index and its currency, the lira, have tumbled amid fears that the army will block the government’s pick for president.

The main ISE National 100 index lost 8% of its value upon opening and the lira dropped as much as 4% in early trading.

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