All dressed up and no ? to go…

Okay.  Anyone paying attention may remember my discontent about coming home from a weekend away in CanberraBabylon last December and finding out that I’ve been turned into a character in the World of Warcraft.  Now, I’ve never been one for computer games… never got the habit of them really, probably something to do with the fact that the whole computer game genre was in it’s infancy when I was a teenager, and Space Invaders and Pong didn’t thrill me at all.

So apart from a short lived fling with Caesar III, I’ve never really gotten into them.  From what I understand though, the World of Warcraft is an all encompassing nightmare of a game.  I know people who’ve quit their jobs so they can stay home and play WoW.  I’ve seen people at parties go and hide in back rooms so they don’t miss their scheduled ‘raids’ in WoWc.  I even met one guy who chose to leave his wife rather than quit the WoW.  So far, Mr K and Angel seem to be taking a moderate approach… read:  it’s not been too difficult to drag Angel away to eat his dinner!  I’m hoping that this remains the case, as I am not particularly keen to end up playing the b!tch and forbidding the little guy from playing altogether.

I was kinda hoping they’d get over it, and delete me.  But that hasn’t happened, in fact, now I’m a level 37 elf thing, with a tiger and a wolf (though what I’d want those for I don’t  know).  And… apparently (got sent this from the back room by MSN FTP last night) I have a new sexy pink frock  😐  Yes… Angel wanted to get Mommy a pink frock to run around the WoW in… he’s so sweet.   😐

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