Foul and mysterious odour….

Not happy Jan!

I got home from work last night and walked in the door to be greeted by a foul and mysterious odour.  Initially i thought someone had just reheated some hideous left over Chinese food, but then I realised there was no Chinese leftovers in the house, hideous or otherwise.  Couldn’t figure out what it was, and alarmingly seemed to be emanating from my end of the house!  Checked through the entire room, and couldn’t find anything, even the ensuite drains were fine.  That is the problem with air conditioning…. you’re locked in, and when you get something like a bizarre smell in the house, the system just recycles it though.

So now I’m wondering if I have a dead rat/possum/snake or some such in my roof causing the foul and mysterious odour to waft down through the ceilings.  I have visions of decomposing animal carcass dripping down through the gyprock…… ewww.  Gotta get someone to have a scout through the roof for me pronto.  Strangely enough, the smell seems to be gone this morning.

dirty dead rat mess

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