Underwater Goodness.

What a busy weekend. I went to CanberraBabylon ostensibly for JJJs Christmas party, but predominantly just to catch up with everyone. I got in on Thursday morning, and SirPhilipe was kind enough to pick me up at the airport. Every time I got to CBR, it is either lush and green and looks like something from the English countryside with fabulous gardens everywhere, or it looks like an Arizona dessert. No in between it seems – well it was really dry this trip, the entire place looks shrivelled and dry, and for reasons I dont understand, the dry and brown appearance of the place seems to throw off my sense of direction, and everywhere we drive I seem to lose my bearings :S Go figure!

Anyway the readers digest version is as follows – SirPhil and I went to lunch at Milk and Honey on Thurs followed by some shopping. Had lovely risotto dinner at his place Thurs night – thanks SirPhil and DrN for cooking! God I love seeing men getting dirty in the kitchen!!! Fri morning saw us going to Casino Royale which I think is now my fav Bond film ever. Fri afternoon hanging out with DrN, followed by Turkish dinner, then vodka martinis at the Hyatt cocktail lounge until the wee hours. Saturday, brekkie at Lesboa, pottering about at Woden and an introduction to BattleStar Galactica at Sir Philipe’s place, before going to party at JJJs place. Brekkie out AGAIN on Sunday morning with a bunch of guys from the party – Can’t believe how frequently these CBR people eat out!!! Quiet morning, then afternoon session of Shortbus with DrN and small gang for drinkies at Sir Philipes Sun night. Got up at 5am for stupid 6.30am flight back to Brisbane with DarkMan and am now feeling rather shattered.

All up I think I had about 3 hrs sleep each night, which when coupled with sleeping on unfamiliar dodgy mattresses, I am now officially having trouble with my comprehension skills! Yes, I see people’s mouths moving, and yes, I hear the words coming out, but am having real trouble here. Will have early night tonight I hope

Blokenstein Halloween Party

Went to the Blokenstein Halloween party on Saturday night, and had a fantatsic time. Between a group of SCA enthusiasts and a pile of amateur theatre people, I’ve never seen a fancy dress party where everyone got so into the theme. The guys at Blokenstein went to a tonne of trouble doing up their back yard to look like a graveyard, with headstones, a mausoleum and massive stone looking gates around the side of the house.

Darkman and his band did a weird arse set of goth christmas carols- he’d rewritten the lyrics and gothed up the music, very 17thC harpsichord sort of thing. Set the ambiance off nicely 🙂 Everyone was dressed up to the nines – Mr K went as a Fairy Godmother in a hot pink fairy costume, and stood out like dog’s balls all night. Brit-Knee was Paul Stanley, Humbibble went as a Playboy Bunny, Alex – a Mummy complete with straggling bandages. There was a few zombies about, a HellBoy, a ballerina, Maude as Poison Ivy, and loads of ghouls and goths.

I have vague recollections of LP turning up quite late – but I could be wrong, it could well just be my imagination, as my ability to recall details towards the end of the evening gets a little on the fuzzy side!

No inappropriate pants incidents from HdM for a change, and to the best of my knowledge pants remaind ‘in situ’ for the duration. Well done there – that’s gotta be a first!

Here’s a pic that I took on HdM’s camera which I thought captured the evening perfectly 🙂

true blood early

Zombie Apocalypse Party

It was a miserable wet day yesterday, and I spent it running around doing errands – groceries, doing things for Mum etc. Blah, blah, blah… and we had the Zombie Apocalypse party to go to, and I REALLY didn’t feel like going, let along getting all gussied up in costume. But it was BartMan’s farewell, and Humbibble’s birthday, and DrNick, Flip and MrC were up from Canberra and we told everyone we would be there. So I dragged my sorry arse to the party…

Big Sal was babysitting Angel for us, which she has been doing a bit of lately – at least there is an upside to her being up the duff and not wanting to go out partying with us! When we arrived at the party, the first thing I noticed is that Flip wasn’t there. Jimbo was there and he too didn’t feel like going out at first, the both of us only made the effort for the same reason – so that Flip wouldn’t get the shits on with us for not turning up!!! Nevermind. Hubby wasn’t in a partying mood, so he took off home rather early again, I dont think he even made it to 10pm!

I decided to stay on and have a few drinks with Dr Nick and Jimbo. A lot of people had gone to quite a bit of effort on the whole zombie theme, and there was fake blood everywhere, stupidly I had worn a nice white top, which, the drunker I got, the bloodier it got! I had a Jimbo handprint on my boob, a Bart handprint on my arse, and LuckyPhil rubbed his face in my cleavage,leaving a bloody face print in the middle of my shirt! It was ruined I tell you!!! Myself and Chappy got stuck into the sparkly, and by the time DarkMan arrived (already half cut on scotch) I am please to report all good judgement was out the window! I ended up outside a couple of times smoking with DarkMan, Jimbo and Gus…. I think… :S I haven’t smoked in nigh on 8 years, so that was kinda interesting. We were all absolutely wasted! I blame the DarkMan, he’s a BAD influence. I ended up having a great night, spent a lot of time talking 😉 with Dr Nick which was cool, I realise I didn’t really know him very well, even though I spent a week in the same house with him last October!

Next thing I knew it was well past 3am, (Jimbo the other reluctant party-tart was still there too!) and I have vague recollections of trying to locate my handbag and some money to get home in a cab, only to realise that I had left it in the car and Hubby had driven off with it! Someone (have to figure out who) gave me some cash to get home, and Dr Nick came with me as there was no where really to crash at Blokenstein. So even though originally I didn’t want to go, and was annoyed when Flip wasn’t there, I had an absolute ball of a time. We need more nights like this, talking with friends, having a few drinks, a few laughs, staying out late, smoking God only knows what…. gotta love it.

Right about now, we are supposed to be at the KotN tourney… but DrNick is snoozing, and the way my head feels, there is no way on this planet you could con me into getting into garb and poncing around in a park this afternoon 🙂

Have made a new rule – Rule No 1: Don’t party with the DarkMan!!!

Nasty Weekend

Jo Jo Joey Jo Jo, Macca and RaCeY were up for the weekend, and OMG did we all hit it hard! The bourbon started flowing around one in the afternoon, then Friday night started off at Kev’s place, and we all headed into town for the night. DarkMan took us to his fav Friday night haunts… some of which were less than salubrious! I couldn’t tell you the name of a single bar we went into, as I was kinda gone by then! We all drank way too much – I had a great fun night flirting with RaCeY, and getting to know Macca better. He’s not the plonker I thought he was, he’s just young is all. Everything was good until we crashed at Kev’s for the night, I didn’t get a wink of sleep between RaCeY and Macca snoring, and Jo Jo Joey Jo Jo texting some poor bugger all night!!! Blargh!!! Got up in the morning, and felt dreadful – you know that horrid shaky feeling as your body tries to cope with all the alcohol and sugar. Well deserved hang over I think.

We left DarkMan and went to town with Gus for brekkie, which was good, eggs benedict all round to soak up the remaining grog. Came back to my place after that for a bit of a kip, but again I didn’t manage to get to sleep, the phone kept ringing. DarkMan now says I am his little RockBitch, cos I sent him a song (one he has been wanting for about 10 years, but didn’t know the name of, or who the artist was – Life at the Outpost, Skatt Bros), that and I know who Saxon are!!! By Saturday night, I felt like my eyes were popping out of my head from sleep deprivation. The party was on at DarkMans on Saturday night, and loads of people popped round (there was an event on, so there was lots of people coming and going). So there I was sleep deprived, still hung over and we were hitting the bourbon again. I spent the entire weekend laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt. Met some new people, got to know some old ones better, love BritKnee, DarkMan’s bit-o-stuff. Jo Jo Joey Jo Jo had her camera, so there is lots of drunken evidence 😉 I can’t be sure… but I think I was kissing someone inappropriate in the stairwell 🙂 which Hubby thought was hilarious!