Nasty Weekend

Jo Jo Joey Jo Jo, Macca and RaCeY were up for the weekend, and OMG did we all hit it hard! The bourbon started flowing around one in the afternoon, then Friday night started off at Kev’s place, and we all headed into town for the night. DarkMan took us to his fav Friday night haunts… some of which were less than salubrious! I couldn’t tell you the name of a single bar we went into, as I was kinda gone by then! We all drank way too much – I had a great fun night flirting with RaCeY, and getting to know Macca better. He’s not the plonker I thought he was, he’s just young is all. Everything was good until we crashed at Kev’s for the night, I didn’t get a wink of sleep between RaCeY and Macca snoring, and Jo Jo Joey Jo Jo texting some poor bugger all night!!! Blargh!!! Got up in the morning, and felt dreadful – you know that horrid shaky feeling as your body tries to cope with all the alcohol and sugar. Well deserved hang over I think.

We left DarkMan and went to town with Gus for brekkie, which was good, eggs benedict all round to soak up the remaining grog. Came back to my place after that for a bit of a kip, but again I didn’t manage to get to sleep, the phone kept ringing. DarkMan now says I am his little RockBitch, cos I sent him a song (one he has been wanting for about 10 years, but didn’t know the name of, or who the artist was – Life at the Outpost, Skatt Bros), that and I know who Saxon are!!! By Saturday night, I felt like my eyes were popping out of my head from sleep deprivation. The party was on at DarkMans on Saturday night, and loads of people popped round (there was an event on, so there was lots of people coming and going). So there I was sleep deprived, still hung over and we were hitting the bourbon again. I spent the entire weekend laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt. Met some new people, got to know some old ones better, love BritKnee, DarkMan’s bit-o-stuff. Jo Jo Joey Jo Jo had her camera, so there is lots of drunken evidence 😉 I can’t be sure… but I think I was kissing someone inappropriate in the stairwell 🙂 which Hubby thought was hilarious!

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