Work work work… off to Japan!

Things have been absolutely nightmarish half this year. Between the problems with my stupid knee, Mr K working six days a week, across three time zones, for literally months on end we really needed to find some down time.’

Back in February when Mr K was talking about the likelihood of his ending up in Saudi on his first work trip there; my knee was giving me so much pain there is no way I could have contemplated going with him. But I’m always up for an adventure to a somewhere new and he knew that as soon as he told me work was taking us to the Middle East… ever clever he decided to distract me with something shiny – in this case, flights to Japan. Well, I’m not stupid. I could totally see through his (rather transparent) attempt to distract me from the idea of going to Saudi with him… but you know – JAPAN! Who was I to complain? I’m not headed somewhere hot, sandy and potentially inhospitable to small blondes, when I now had a trip to the cultural, hot spring and amazing food wonderland that is JAPAN!

Anyway… may hours spent plotting and booking ensued, and by the end of April I had a very neat itinerary all squared away and November felt like it would never come. Five trips to Saudi for Keith, four to NZ for me, one to Perth, one to Hobart, a few to Melbourne (I forget how many exactly) and a handful of visits to Sydney and finally! Time to head to Japan.

Woo-hoo. Let the games begin. <3

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