Rekkrthing – Aneala

Unto the lovely and most lively populace of Lochac do King Niáll and Queen Sabine send exhausted but exhilarated greetings!

This weekend saw Us travel to Rekkrthing in the wonderful Barony of Aneala to visit with the committed and devoted gentles of Our western shores, where We were met with such glorious greetings and magnificent hospitality. We greatly enjoyed the Bear Pit tournament, where many an intrepid and gallant fighter attempted to fight for honour and glory and assured entrance to the halls of Valhalla!

Along with wonderfully entertaining feats on the field, there were also games and a marvellous feast that followed filled with delights for the plate and fabulous entertainment. Our congratulations and very great thanks to the steward, Lokki Rekkr and his very hard-working and accomplished team, who created such a tremendous occasion and made Us all feel so very welcome. Huzzah!

It was Our honour and privilege to visit with you all and We both hope it will not be too long before We may venture west to meet with you all again.

Yours in Service to Lochac

Niáll & Sabine.

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