November Crown – Stowe on the Wold


Until the populace of Lochac does Niall and Sabine send warmest greetings.

What a magnificent event was had by all who attended Crown Tournament last weekend! Thank you to Our gracious Hosts, the Baron and Baroness of Rowany, and Our congratulations to the stewarding and feasting team from Stowe-on-the Wawld for a simply marvellous event. Particular thanks to Mistress Finn for managing the weather for us.

We wish to thank all those honourable combatants who entered Our List to vie for the Crown of Lochac. It was a very well distinguished list that demonstrated for all in attendance, more than its fair share of prowess, honour and chivalry. We were honoured to see so many members of Our Royal Household take the field – many of whom were fighting for Platonic Consorts! We were excessively pleased (and relieved) that all combatants managed to attend the event in the face of some excessively harrowing travel logistics. We are likewise exceedingly gratified to have found for Our populace, worthy Heirs who We know will serve you dutifully.

We also had the privilege of elevating Magnifica Juliana de Northwood to be the newest member of the Order of Defence and a number of important Kingdom announcements – We have extended the warrant of Our hardworking Kingdom Seneschal, Baron Lachlahn Dunbar for six months, and We had the pleasure of announcing that November Crown 2020 shall be held in the Barony of Saint Florian de la Riviere.

We have many amazing events coming up – Rekkrthing in Aneala, Fields of Gold in Politarchopolis, the Tournament of the Rising Razorback in Ynys Fawr, and newly added to Our Progress, a visit to Rowany Yule.

Once again, We wish our heartiest congratulations to Our Heirs, Crown Prince Theurderic and Crown Princess Engelin, and We look forward to seeing many of you over the coming weeks.

Yours in Service to Lochac,

Niall & Sabine.


Unto the fortune favoured Populace of Lochac does Niáll and Sabine send Greetings.

We have Heirs! Huzzah!

After a marvellously attended and exceedingly well-fought tourney, with and nail biting final against Sir Alain Quartier, Count Sir Theuderic emerged victorious fighting for his lovely consort, Countess Engelin. It was Our great duty and honour to proclaim Them Crown Prince and Princess of Lochac and name Them as Our rightful Heirs.

Yours in Service to Lochac,

Niáll & Sabine.

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