Steampunk NZ Cruise – Dunedin

Yay!  Dunedin.  What a great city… full of cold weather, possum wool, tartans, and fantastic hipster pubs!  🙂  Yep, that was my plan for the day – send Mr K off to find a doctor, because he has a sore throat that is not getting any better, and I’m going shopping for possums and then heading to the pub!  But not just any pub, Mac’s on Stuart, my favourite pub in Dunedin.

The possum shopping was accomplished in record time – had to buy a lovely warm shawl for our puppy sitter (what would we have done without her?!) and also picked up a few other items for a few people at home.

Then went to Mac’s on Stuart ostensibly for lunch, but mostly to drink away the last of our NZ currency!  Surly was keen to go to the Monteith’s across the street (“They have the entire Monteith’s range on tap!”), but I convinced him that we should go to Mac’s instead, and he was later heard saying he was very impressed with their craft brews.  So verily did I spend the rest of the afternoon sharing some fish and chips and drinking cider while everyone else went to the Cadbury’s chocolate factory. A merry time was had by all… well, by me for certain, but possibly for all..!dunedin 6 dunedin 5 dunedin 3 dunedin 2 dunedin1


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