Bunch of 5s

Not the most complex art around town… and not the most accomplished either, but definitely some creative recontextualizatons of an everyday item, juxtaposed with appropriated imagery from popular culture.  (Wow, that to be the twonkiest art wanker sentence ever!  😀

I think my favourites are Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction…

bunchof5s frida bunchof5s elvis bunchof5s pulp fiction bunchof5s avatar bunchof5s doge bunchof5s arctic bunchof5s movies bunchof5s mexico death bucnhof5s nyan bunchof5s spock bunchof5s nemo bunchof5s mario bunchof5s dracula bunchof5s hippy bunchof5s corgi bunchof5s zoidberg bunchof5s joker bunchof5s geisha bunchof5s nurse bunchof5s khaleesi bunchof5s kill bill bunchof5s lego bunchof5scatwoman bunchof5szombies bunchof5s vendetta bunchof5s freddie mercury bunchof5s chineseThe artist is called Bunch of 5s and you can Google up his work on tumbler etc, if you want.


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