Little boxes… little boxes.

Yay!  Lots of tradies in short shorts scampering all over my house today as they install the new air conditioning system.

Althought I have to admit, I always find it rather disconcerting to have tradesmen in the house banging and drilling and screwing things all over place.  Especially if they are up in the roof and all the banging and drilling and screwing is going on without me!  In truth, the noise always makes me feel a little uneasy – like the house is going to fall down around us… and meanwhile I tend to potter around attempting to look as industrious as the tradies, while actually engaging my efforts in less profitable endeavours… namely watching the tradies, banging and drilling and screwing things all over the house!  In my defence, this is probably due to the fact that there is an alarmingly small requirement for the chopping of wood with axes in the air conditioning installation process, else one would be watching that instead!  😀

need a tradie

Anyway, new air conditioning system will, of course, have two major and immediate impacts for us:

1) We will have Summer Friends again.  That’s right.  When you have air con in BrisVegas, you have lots and lots of friends in the summertime.  For, as you know, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a house sans air conditioning in Queensland, accommodates only sad and lonely pariahs that no civilized member of society should want to call upon (a phenomena experienced by pool owners and ducted air con dwellers alike).

And 2) We will have the pleasure of seeing the pretty little graphs on our summer power bills soar to their previously lofty, and excessively disturbing, heights once again!  Oh yay!  Praise the powers that be (pun intended) for ensuring that domestic electricity prices have soared by approximately 200%+ in last decade.  Sigh… thems the breaks.

But, we shall endure without complaint… for, at least we will be comfortably cool while we contemplate our discombobulating power bills.

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