Do you have a flag?

Looky here!  The Sydney International Food festival inspired some foodies to go make some cool flags out of foods associated with each of the various countries.  The pics were created by advertising agency WHYBIN/TBWA for the event.  Starting to look like a great excuse to visit Sydney next month!

Australia (you’re standing in it!):  Meat pie with tomato sauce.

Brazil: banana leaf, limes, pineapple and passionfruit.


France: blue cheese, brie, red grapes.france-flag-made-from-food-600x450

Greece: kalamata olives and feta cheese.greece-flag-made-from-food-600x424 India: curries, rice and a pappadum.india-flag-made-from-food-600x457

Indonesia: spicy chili curry and sambal rice.indonesia-flag-made-from-food-600x387

Italy: basil leaves, pasta and fresh tomatoes.italy-flag-made-from-food-600x468

Japan:  rice and raw tuna.japan-flag-made-from-food-600x459

Lebanon:  lavash, fattoush and a sprig of herbs.lebanon-flag-made-from-food-600x424

Korea: Kimbap and saucessouth-korea-flag-made-from-food-600x442

Spain:  chorizo and rice.spain-flag-made-from-food-600x450

Switzerland: charcuteries and emmental.switzerland-flag-made-from-food-600x469

Thailand: sweet chili sauce, shredded coconut and blue swimmer crab.thailand-flag-made-of-food-600x334

Turkey:  rosewater lokum (Turkish Delight).turkey-flag-made-from-food-600x341

England:  scone, whipped cream and jams.united-kingdom-flag-made-from-food-600x326 United States:  hotdogs, ketchup and mustardunited-states-flag-made-from-food-600x340

Vietnam:  rambutan, lychees and starfruit.vietnam-flag-made-from-food-600x448Awesome photos incorporating international flavours and (of all things) heraldry…  for some reason I’m feeling pecking now.

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