The Silence is Deafening… and it’s Awesome!!!

I’ve been away in Canberra-Babylon for the weekend and returned to find something off kilter.  Things feel quite strange…  Something has changed.

It’s peaceful.  Quiet.  Blessedly silent, even.  There’s no ‘fuckin fuckheads’, ‘daleyacunts’ or ‘cocksuckers’ coming from next door.  Not even a ‘stupid arsehole’ or ‘fuckin’ idiot’ here or there… what’s going on?!?  All I can hear is the hum of the highway in the distance, birds chirping in the trees, the creak of a gate hinge moving in the wind and a light breeze rustling through the leaves.  Where’s all the angst and hostility?  Where’s all the abusive and offensive language?  What’s happened to the daily dose of distasteful discourse we’ve come to detest?  Well, I’ll tell you what happened to it…

It packed up its shit, hossed its freight and moved the hell out!!!  

That’s right!  Victory is ours!  Victory is ours!  It is a great day to be alive people!  And we are drinking deep from the keg of glory!!!   Bring us the most disgustingly large Frozen Cokes and all the finest cheeses in the land!  For tonight, we celebrate the peace and quiet!

It would appear that Daleyacunt (aka Mr Dale Raymond Hamson) and Fuckin’ Fuckhead (aka Ms Janita Brown), previously of Belmont (w00t!) who told the wise and knowledgeable Magistrate, “That we got nowhere to fuckin’ go yorhonna, wheres we gonna go ta bafore Christmuss?” did actually have somewhere to fuckin’ go… because they have packed up their worldly belongings/trash and have buggered off!  And all without a peep.  Why they don’t even appear to have said goodbye, sent a parting gift or left a forwarding address… quelle dommage.

And I was SO looking forward to November 1st, which we had already come to think of as ‘Popcorn Day’ and were eagerly counting down until we could send out some invites, BYO lawn chairs and popcorn to watch the miscreants get forcibly removed by big burly law enforcement types.  Oh well, so not complaining if it means they’re gone for good!

Oh and PS:  Happy Birthday Daleyacunt!  I didn’t get you a gift, I didn’t get you a card, hell… I didn’t even get to give you a parting shot.  But… it is Dickhead Dale’s birthday today (DOB 22/10/1972) and we had planned to do ‘something’ to mark the occasion, but we seem to have been, fortuitously, deprived of the opportunity.  Daleyacunt… where ever you are ‘mate’, we hope you are enjoying being an unemployed and homeless deadshit on top of your usual state of being a violent, abusive, complete waste of oxygen on this, the milestone occasion of your 40th Birthday!  Our most sincere and best wishes for your future in Dalby… may someone one day have a 12ga shell with your name on it.  🙂

neighbours from hell silence please silence is golden shut the fuck up


3 thoughts on “The Silence is Deafening… and it’s Awesome!!!

    • You have no idea… the thought of being able to get into the shower and knowing that the fucktard next door isn’t going to turn on his leaf blower outside my ensuite. Sigh… absolute bliss!

      • I have just stumbled upon these posts. I am his first ex and I have two children to him that he has no contact with. I have concerns that he has caused you to spend so much of your time posting these things, he must have mentally and physically got to you. He would be laughing all the way. Accommodating his actions only prove that we are no better. I have a history that expands to the moon and back and I am still alive and better than I have ever been. I have two wonderful children from this f…c… but I refuse to succumb to his demands. I left many years ago and keeping my children out of your comments would be appreciated and borderline abuse against innocence victims of domestic violence. For the record, his mother died and he got under a millions dollars, as his inheritance, and his sister feeds it to him. He also receives Centrelink by the way. It is in a trust and under his sisters name – they can’t do anything. He paid cash for the car you are talking about and talks it up and thinks he is better than us but we know better – don’t we. He has never paid maintenance still to this day. My children have a better man in their life. When we meet people like this, we have to move on and rise above this. I understand your frustration but he was winning when you vented and simply should have utilised the system as you did. No response is what does piss him off. I would hope that you have become a better person from these encounters. Neither of these parents should have custody of this child they are both abusive. My children did have a little contact at this house but never lived there and only because I was requested to give him some contact but now nothing. He now lives in Inglewood for the record. His daughter wants nothing to do with him and his son does struggle but thinks something along the same lines as you. We all make mistakes in our life and people putting other people down does not say much for that person. I am an educated person and made a wrong turn but I don’t need to have people bring my name and my childrens name down into their discussions. I was a bit concerned that you would stoop to that level to make yourself feel better. I have utilised all the court systems and government departments to my favour, that is why I feel better about my decisions in my life for my family. He does have many people at Centrelink that help him to change records, like you experienced, I have had it carried out towards me with his lies but we are true and honest people and that should prevail as you would have seen. He also has Child support officers on his side, and for the record he knows someone a couple of steps down from the Police Commissioner. I have many stories that I could tell. He has spent many years in prison where our system allows them to study and understand their rights and how to get around situations as you suggested, he was in fact doing that exact process. Where do we go from here – only up. I hope that you will be considerate of my family and I hope that you can move on as I did. Victims of crime, corruption and domestic violence are not at fault, I would hope that you can remember and be considerate of yourself and others. By the way, I read every little detail that you wrote about this man and his second and only other girlfriend. He was nothing like he is now so your judgement towards me would only be received as pity for you. For such an educated person, I was surprised but not shocked. Remember who you are when you deal with incompetent ferrals as he has become and he portrayed himself to you.

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