Perfectly plush possums

After yesterday’s big day out  I didn’t feel up for much today so we went for a bit of a pottering drive in the local area in search of possums. Found a strange little place in the middle of nowhere not far from Ashburton I think called the Tin Shed. 

The possum fur is made from culled possums which were introduced to New Zealand and are officially a pest as they compete for food sources with local animals that are now endangered.  So I guess if they have to go around trying to cull pests that are threatening indigenous species it’s pretty cool that they’ve managed to turn it into an industry that provides jobs and products for the local communities to gain benefit from…/

We  hit the mother loade on possums at the Tin Shed and I found a lovely poppy red and a gorgeous periwinkle blue for Mum and BigSal as well as scoring a very useful black one and a purple/grape coloured one for myself that I simply couldn’t leave on the shelf!  I’ve always loved the possum I have already – I take it anywhere I might get cold on the neck and shoulders…. the cinema, out to dinner, friends place.  A warm neck is a less painful neck.

So score on the possums – four in the post heading home as we speak.

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