Bookworm … we love you!

Being a poncy sort of pretentious eejit who hates Sudoku puzzles but loves word puzzles, I many years ago fell in love with Bookworm.  They used to have a free trial you could download off their website and you could play six games at the end of which you’d get a prompt saying your free trial is over and click here if you wish to purchase it.


Well a free trial game of Bookworm would last me for months so I never ended up buying it.  I’d play my six games over several months and then forget about it for a while and then DL another trial copy some other time and remember how much I liked it.


And just when I thought I couldn’t love my iPhone any more than I already do… I now have Bookworm on my iPhone!   It’s probably been available for donkey’s years but I am not in the habit of trolling for games and applications for my iPhone so it went under my (not overly keen) radar until just recently.  Vee now haz zee teknolllagee unt all for zee bargan pwrice of $5.99!  No more wasting an hour in the doctor’s waiting room reading old copies of National Geographic and no more actually having to wait bored in the line to pick up the Small Child… because I have Bookworm to keep me company now  🙂  And it’s bigger and better than before with extra ‘stuff’ to do/collect.  So very small win for the small blonde this week.


It really is the simple things in my life that bring me rare moments of fleeting enjoyment atm …. but I think that’s mostly because the big important and complex things are still under continually increasing, multicoloured pile of steaming crap.

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