Got wood?

I’ve been shopping for timber planks.  Nothing fancy just plain dressed pine planks of furniture grade suitable to make bookcases out of so a few knots here or there is okay but doesn’t have to be perfect.  But do you think I can find anywhere to buy bulk pine?  For some reason all the major timber suppliers in the BrisVegas metro area mostly sell structural timber only.  So where do all the dudes making furniture buy their all their good wood? (enough with the giggles from the peanut gallery please).

So far I haven’t got a lot of faith in the industry with quotes coming from Finlaysons for 290mm x 19mm planks of various lengths at $31.58/meter and the only other quote I’ve managed to obtrain was from John Gill (yep _that_ John Gill the Timber Man) for the same size 290mm x 19mm planks at $9.60/meter.  Which means either Finlaysons are charging their customers sandy lube prices or the quality of this stuff varies enormously…. and while I want good quality timber – the rather ambitious scope of my little L-shaped bookcase would probably rendered the project as prohibitively expensive if I have to pay anywhere near $31/meter.

Hmmm… I definitely need more wood…. Quotes.

Elevation A

Elevation B

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