A picture is worth a thousand words.

I was recently told that this month’s Australian’s Women’s Weekly (a magazine whose oxymoronic name is NOT on my regular reading list) has a picture of Magda Szubanksi on the cover which I am informed I suddenly have an uncanny resemblance to.  I’ve never really followed Magda Szubanksi’s career… but I know she has been in many skit comedy shows like D-Generation, Fast Forward and that fuckin’ dreadful misrepresentative parody of Australian life – Kath & Kim (God I hate that show).  Yes I know… I am generally acknowledged to be somewhat humourless… but personally I prefer to think I have a more sophisticated sense of humour and this sort of ‘lowest common denominator’ crap is just not my thing.  To be fair it’s not just tacky Australian bullshit comedy that I don’t identify with.  As it happens I also dislike shows like Little Britain or The Might Boosh and I’m not exactly into the cinematic delights provided by the Ben Stillers and Adam Sandlers et al either.

So while Magda Szubanksi is, I think widely acknowledged to be one of the country’s foremost comediennes…  I’m not a fan.  She always seems to play the same role – that of the funny but fat and unattractive sidekick.  So I’m unsure whether to be flattered or insulted to be told by many (including the Small Child) that I resemble her somewhat on the cover of this month’s Women’s Weekly…. now that she’s dumped a pile of weight and has been photoshopped to high hell of course.

I can kinda see where they’re coming from – I have a similar round face shape, similar complexion, similar hair colour and style and we also share the same square chin thing.  Given that it’s supposed to be a remarkable weight loss story I hope they haven’t digitally ‘slimmed’ her down for maximum effect.  Though with the journalistic integrity (cough, splutter) being what it is often reputed to be with these chick magazines I wouldn’t be surprised…. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have. 

Personally looking at the magazine cover I think Magda and I have a remarkable and extraordinary resemblance to an iconic television star from my youth.  So I hit the photoshop too and took a photo of myself and touched it up a bit (seems fair – no doubt Magda had the benefit of a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for her picture) and I have made a new cover that I think looks much more ‘me’….



I’m really rather pleased with the results.  Not only does the new cover more closely resemble me personally… now I’m also a ballsy, karate chopping, frog-loving, prima donna into the bargain!  Much better than the funny but fat and unattractive sidekick.

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