Wii… Wii… Wii… Wii… all the way home!

Yale gave me a Wii Fit thingy for Christmas as he knew that I was giving a Wii to the Small Child and Mr K.  I know… it really was rather courageous of him don’t you think?  Rather like giving a woman a thigh master as a gift  🙂  Anyway I was a little dubious as to how useful it would prove for someone who has trouble standing still for any period of above about 10 mins but this afternoon when all the visitors got off the damn thing I was able to give it a go.

As expected my BMI is abysmal with a capital ‘A’ being neither tall nor slender nor blithe or bonny… but after doing all the little balance and posture exercise body testing things the little machine told me that my ‘Wii Fit Age’ (whatever that is) was 31.    Which of course totally validates my decision to have had my 30th birthday party last year (several years late)… but makes no sense given that my current physical state is that of a notably short statured woman of ridiculously ample proportions with zero aerobic fitness and no tangible upper body strengtht!!!

So yeah… not sure what the little machine bases that on!

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