Boxing Day Schmoxing Day

Normally I’d run screaming from the Boxing Day stores, but the guys all decided that now we have let a Wii in the house we NEED more Wii ‘stuff’.  This stupid thing comes with more accessories than a Malibu Barbie!  With prices to match!  I hate to think exactly how much has been spent on it.  NO WAIT… hang on – why don’t we add it up just for shits and giggles  🙂

Wii console – $399.00
(One remote, nunchuck and Mario Party 8 included)
Console Stand and rechargeables – $29.95
Wii Fit thingy – $127.00
Wii Fit recharger station – $19.91
Wii Play – $79.95
Three more remotes (approx $75 each) – $225.00
Mario Kart game w~steering wheel –  $79.00
Extra Mario Kart Wheel – $19.00
Two Extra Nunchucks – $48.00
Zelda and the Fucking Twilight Princess – $68.99
Zelda Sword & Shield thingys – $22.95
Mario Galaxy – $79.92
Super Smash Brothers – $79.92

Hmmm… have I forgotten anything? Don’t think so.. (please hold while I find the calculator thingy)…. $1278.59 !!!!   FARK!!!   The only redeeming element of this is that some of the bits were gifts from other people so we didn’t quite pay for ALL of it ourselves.  But holy shit!  No more!  After racing around the shops buying stuff that wasn’t really at sale prices anyway, we naturally came home and the guys spend most of the remains of the day playing Mario Kart etc. 

The expression on the Small Child’s face when they opened it was priceless…
… and not dissimilar to mine a few moments ago when I tallied up the damage!

Come dusk we had friends over for OYSTERS KILPATRICK!!!  Yum!  I love my oysters and lining up stupid early to get some good fresh seafood was well worth it.  Years ago when I was just an impressionable teenager I dated a guy whose father was a five star chef and he passed on his uber-fantastic Oysters Kilpatrick recipe and I make them about once a year en masse (only 5 doz last night).  Only problem with being able to make nice Oysters Kilpatrick is that if I ever order them when I’m out they’re invariably disappointing.  So last nights oysters were absolutely delicious if I do say so myself.  🙂

After that… many ciders… more Mario Kart then finally bed….. my stupid back was absolutely screaming at me after such a long busy day so extra valium for me.  I know, I know… Valium + Alcamahol is a little dodgy but what do you do?

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