This space intentionally left blank.

Okay, so these strange little quiz-type memes are like a plague but I’m inexplicably drawn to filling them out when they cross my path.

Which Jane Austen heroine am I?  Elizabeth Bennet.
Which Firefly character am I?    Inara Serra
Which Harry Potter Character are you?   Severus Snape
Which Comic book hero are you?  Wonder woman.

How many five year olds can you take in a fight?  Would you survive the Zombie Apocalyse?  How much is your corpse worth? What spice are you?  What type of shoe are you?  What’s your power colour?  It goes on and on and on…..  The vast majority of them are totally transparent and the questions aren’t even vaguely oblique so answering the questions a certain way gives you a predictable out come.

So naturally when Dave2 posted his "Who is your Ideal TV Boyfriend", I had to do it too….  Was hoping for Hank Moody from Californication (I like ’em pithy and sarcastic) or maybe…. Sam Seabourne in the West Wing (has intelligence and integrity) and well, who wouldn’t want Captain Mal from Firefly.. just cos he’s… well… the Capt’n.

So here goes –

Actually… no I can’t back that up.  It spat out someone boring (Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl… never heard of him) so I made my own ‘Ideal TV Boyfriend’ sticker in photoshop 🙂

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