Okay… so pink is pushing the friendship. How about purple?

Starting looking about at a new car last week and still have quite a few more I should look at so we did some more car shopping today.  Stupid song sill going through my head every time I say or think the words ‘car shopping’ I have no idea what that’s about but am seriously thinking it’s a side effect of mood/mind altering medications…

Car shopping across the Universe
While the salesmen aestheticize every little perk!!!
Car shopping across the Universe
Only being pleasant until they see your purse!!!

Went looking for a Honda Civic… but once I saw it thoroughly hated it.  Felt like they’d made a regular car and then sloped the whole thing backwards about 25degrees leaving the whole car feeling like it’s on a lean.  Big problem for me… can’t barely see over the dashboard and definitely no hope of seeing where the front of the car ends.   It’d be one of those trial and error things to learn just where the car finishes in car parks  :S

Spied a little Honda Jazz while we were finding fault with the Civic and found it’s not too bad for a small car – has a much larger capacity than you’d think and we took it for a spin and it actually drives pretty good… not as good as the Mazda 3 or the Mitsubishi Lancer – but that’s to be expected given that it’s about $8000 cheaper.  Only… I think it’s a little on the butt ugly side 🙁 

Also had a look at the wee little pretend Mini that they’re churning out atm – Suzuki Swift.  Surly bought one not so long ago for their pizza shop for a little run around town delivery car, and I had taken it for a spin around the block a few weeks ago.  Not bad.  Would be a helluva lot of fun if it came in a turbo diesel  😀  Main objection – way too little space in the back for even picking up the groceries, but it does have a fairly decent space if you fold down both the back seats for fitting in big stuff…

Other than that I took a couple of Holden Astras for a drive…. the CDX and the CDSTi I think (memory like sieve so that might be wrong).  Took the turbo diesel out first which no doubt a well used trick for selling more of the diesels, as getting in the 5 speed manual petrol vehicle after driving the diesel feels like suddenly jumping from something a bit sporty to something your Gran would drive.  Not bad car all round, though it does have the ugliest interior of all the cars I’ve jumped in so far.

Doesn’t look too bad in this pic – but really is butt ugly and very square …

Hmmmm… So other than that.  Still wanna have a look at some VWs and a Subaru Impreza and that should just about cover it… and maybe if I get bored might have a look at a Peugeot 207… but then again they’re a bit ugly too.

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