Somewhere over the rainbow…

800 missing credit union cheques in the system…
800 more missing cheques!
Take another cheque file, don’t process it and what do you have?
                    … well yet another fucking pissed off cranky customer is what you have!

Over it, over it , over it…. la di da di dum!

I’ve been laughing in people’s faces today when informed of more and more problems at work. 

More missing cheque books?   lol
No stock?  Hehehehehe
Files unprocessed?  Mwhahahahha!
Printers still broken?  ROFLMAO

Sigh… We had a meeting today with all the other Account Managers and the acting General Manager to see what could be done to alleviate some of the problems around the place.  Which, as you can imagine, turned into a 2 hour bitch fest with us telling it like it is – constant state of crisis management. 

Over it, over it, over it …. la di da di dum.


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