Big Sal and Surly’s pizza shop is looking mighty fine about now!

First thing that greeted me this morning was the news that my payslips that should have been despatched yesterday afternoon weren’t even printed yet.  And that was due to a fatal HDD crash last FUCKING FRIDAY MORNING!!!   Sigh…  We have a fatal printing issue on Friday that affects halts all cartridge production, and there wasn’t even an Incident Report raised to let us know so we could inform the clients.  Instead, I find out about it when I go to check that it was despatched on time.  The fun bit is that the customers should have been receiving this stuff today, about now… and instead I am calling to tell them that their stuff hasn’t even been printed and oh… by the way… we’re still investigating the extent of the damage, but we should have total backups of everything we need to recover the setups for your jobs… but no…. we’re not sure when they’ll be printed…

So that was item one.

Item two, involved another messy cheque incident where a job was put on hold because we are missing a stock item.  Most of the cheques we print are done on independent cheque stock that has all the pretty colours and logos for each financial institution on them.  And when we raise a job, we have files printing for numerous different banks etc in the one job.  So we ran out of a stock (which by the way occurred because the warehouse is so grossly behind in stocktaking duties that I didn’t get the automated system email telling me to reorder the stock) on one item for Bank H, and the guys down in Laser held up processing files for every other financial institution as well – even though we have PLENTY of their stocks!  So 18 other banks won’t get their stuff on time either.  For reasons beyond my understanding, no one down there was able to act with some modicum of initiative and just hold back on processing Bank H’s files… but decided instead to throw the whole thing aside and wait for someone up here to tell them to print everything but the Bank H stuff.

Needless to say I found myself in my Manager’s office this morning banging my head against a desk, telling them that it seems no matter how hard I work, I am totally unable to affect any success in my role, and that I am excessively close to handing them my resignation right now.  Which i would have thought would elicit some sort of reaction – but I was wrong… several hours later, and they’ve been studiously avoiding me rather than offering assistance to address problems.

Update:  Oh..  I see now that I was being hideously optimistic earlier to suggest that we had back ups of the data on the printer HDDs.   Turns out that the Laser guys are supposed to back up proformas on these old cartridge printers every week… and the most recent one we can find is from back in March!  Yay!!   And it just goes on and on and on… more cheques from October that haven’t been printed for a different bank this time, no reason… files just not processed as far as I can tell.  More stock issues… stock that should have been transferred onto the new watermarked security stock that we’re still printing on old shit.  Raising work orders that someone else has already raised in a right hand doesn’t know what the left one has done kinda thing.  I am sick to death of the total lack of accountability through my entire company!  It’s truly fucked.


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