I see your lips moving…..


I feels like crap.  I spent ever so long in transit… I worked it out…I was exactly 41.5 hours!  ๐Ÿ˜    Seemed from when I was sitting  at the Quetta departure lounge like I couldnt see the end of it… but of course it did all come to an end eventually.   And do you think I managed to get some sleep during that whole time?  NO!  Don’t make me laugh!  The idea of getting any rest on a long haul flight in cattle class is positively ludicrous!  Rest? Sleep?  What on EARTH is that?   Sigh…. anyway… now I’m home and I’m about as sleep deprived as humanly possible.

Feels like when anyone is talking to me, like I can hear them but they are garbling away underwater or something…. I can see people’s mouths moving and I am fairly confident that there are words are coming out, but I totally incapable of comprehending what is being said to me!  I’ve been trying really hard to concentrate and understand… but I have to say (and I think everyone around here would agree ๐Ÿ™‚ my progress on this front has been a spectacularly failure!

On top of this inability to understand my native vernacular .. I’ve been dealing with the rather disconcerting manner in which my eyes kept shaking inside my head.  I don’t think I’ve ever never been that sleep deprived before, not even when the offspring joined our little family. 

So naturally in this condition, the best thing for you must be….. relatives dropping around unexpectedly!  Yay!!! Bring on the cups of tea, retelling of the travel stories, small children running amok and unspeakable volume from Angel!!!!!  :S 

Fookenell !!!

Breathe deep………tomorrow….  tomorrow… all will be well tomorrow……..

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