Sleep deprived to party tart in 6.3 seconds.

Okay.. so I spent yesterday doing the things I’ve been dying to do… the really important things yes?  Like finally getting my nails done…. 🙂  Happy dance at having beautiful nails again… and God bless the strange little men at  Eastman Kodak who invented SuperGlue…. without whose help I would never have been able to hang in there for five weeks of manicure-less hell that is Asia Minor and the Subcontinent!  🙂

Last night … more catching up with loud relatives (the loud bit is probably in my head)… only this time being tortured with corriander, being roped into photographic duties and being compulsorily required to oooh and ahhh over new baby.

Them – “Do you want a cuddle Borys?”
Me – “Oh no… just returned from the third world, full of germs you know… cough cough”

Translation:: ‘ “Do you want me to fall into a socially unacceptable blubbering mess of infertility related despair on your lounge room floor?”  :S  It’s getting harder and harder to be happy for people with their gorgeous new babies… and especially hard when I’ve not yet caught up on the whole lack of sleep thing.  Overwhelming jealousy, long nurtured frustration and inability to interpret spoken language does not a taciturn Borys make. I deftly sidestepped the possibility of a neurotic breakdown by avoiding small emotional grenade and decided to go out and hang with decidedly non-breeding friends instead.

Went to party, party, party…. intending to hang for about an hour or so and then come home.  But I was delightfully detained by second favorite brother-in-law and ended up staying out until 0130!!!!  :S   Not good for the sleep whole deprivation thingy!!!!!  🙁  

Today – Slept in until 1030 – that’s a new record for me… might have been the fantastic hot water bottle I had – thanks 😉    Angel had some little friends over to watch a movie on the bigscreen… . how can three small boys make soooo much noise!  :S  Then had  NMdG and  MissCL over for dinner.  Watched a weird movie… Black Snake Moan and tried to go to sleep at a reasonable hour…. like about 0230!    :S

Am never going to recover from this lack of sleep thing!


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