No rest for the wicked.

I can’t sleep.

I woke up just after 4am and my back screaming at me… the second thing I notice is that my jaw is aching from clenching my teeth all night and my hearing is fooked.  🙁    It’s hard to describe  but from what the quack says, all the tension in my jaw and upper neck has the muscles in spasm, including the muscles that surround the aural nerve….. apparently  (I reckon he makes this shit up).  So my currently exacerbated neck/back pain and propensity for clenching my teeth while I sleep when the pain levels are up, is affecting my hearing….. when it’s really bad, like now, everything sound like it’s kinda underwater (which could be part sleep dep!), and when i open my mouth, my jaw cracks and I get a strange equalizing noise that sounds like a tinny metallic tupperware burp!  🙂  Good stuff huh?

Of course after the pain shit has registered, that is when the brain starts going “Right Borys!  What are we doing today?”  …… Noooooooo!!  Fuck off!!!!!  It’s 4am and I want to go back to sleep……  “Well, we’ve got to pay that power bill, make school lunch,  take the little guy to school, go to the funeral place and collect Dad’s ashes and pay the rest of that bill,  finalize the order for the coffee machine, start making turkey enquiries, see if I can squeeze in a load of laundry, at some point realize there is no way I’m getting to the groceries this morning and then get to work for 12pm shift.” 

Die inner monologue!!!!  Die!!!  Just let me go back to sleep  🙁  

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