The Great Coffee Aversion

I’m not particularly fond of coffee you know?  Alright that is a gross understatement.  I hate it.  With a passion.  Anyone who has known me for any length of time ends up hearing about it eventually… normally the information is imparted in response to a ‘Would you like  a cup of coffee?’ type question.  To which I invariably reply in a mild tone, ‘ No thanks, I don’t drink coffee.’  A statement which is oft greeted with explosive “Oh my god!” type reactions, and “What do you mean you don’t drink coffee’ or ‘I couldn’t live without my coffee!”   It’s a ridiculous and inane conversation I have had more times than I can count, and it usually ends with me defending my choice not to consume coffee like everyone else  😐

Some people of my acquaintance don’t truly comprehend just how much I dislike it….. immediately coming to mind are the Outlaws who came to stay just before I had Angel.  They couldn’t believe we didn’t have a coffee machine in the house, so they went out and bought a cheap filtered coffee machine.   And the damn thing was on the boil all day, every day for the two weeks they were here.  😐   It made my entire house reek of coffee, and the smell of it was literally making me throw up!!  (Well… I was kinda up the duff at the time).  Luckily they took their nasty habit and their nasty coffee machine with them when they left.  So it was this brief, but intensely traumatic, period that cemented my aversion of all things coffee related….

I hate the taste of coffee. 
I hate the smell of coffee. 
I hate foods that are flavoured of coffee.
I hate kissing someone who has been drinking coffee.
I hate it when people get snobby about their coffee (yes Surly that’s you!)
I hate it when people make out they can’t function without coffee.
I just hate coffee goddammit!

Anyway, bearing all this in mind and getting to the point at hand …   you can imagine how thrilled I was when Mr K announced he was going to buy a u-beaut, all singing, all dancing coffee machine this week ……  😐 


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