God bless the internet

I got to catch up with MD today!   It was the first time since Christmas Day that we’ve had a chance to have a really good chat.  Sounds like he is getting along well, though I did  notice that he asked me about four times what was going on with everyone back here, so I guess he must be a little home sick…  probably a very little :).  While I was on the phone with him, we were chatting about the bomb that went off last weekend while he was out carpet shopping, which I originally saw on the BBC news website.  So I happened to flick over the BBC RSS feed to see if there was any follow up on that story… and I found this link.  🙂  This one is actually funny!


We had a good old giggle about the absolute stupidity of these guys carrying their suicide bomb on a pushbike …  😐   I was in such a good mood for the rest of the afternoon after getting a chance to talk with him … I just felt comfortable again.  I always seem to get a bit antsy when I don’t get to keep in touch with my few real friends on a regular basis.  Maybe that’s why I go to such stupid lengths sometimes to keep in touch with the people that really matter to me.



Explosion kills two in Pakistan

pakistan map controlled kashmir

Police say they hit a road bump on the outskirts of a town in the province. Police in Pakistan say two people have been killed in the province of Punjab after the bomb they were carrying on a bicycle accidentally exploded.

Deputy Superintendent Bashir Ahmed said they did not know whether the two men intended to plant the explosives or to carry out a suicide attack.

Correspondents say Pakistan has suffered a series of suicide attacks in recent weeks.  The two men died near Chichawatni, 120km (75 miles) north of Multan.  There is speculation that there were intending to detonate the bomb at a large cattle market, which is being held in the town.

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