Hang on… I’m just on the phone

I’ve only just got home.  I was supposed to finish work tonight at 20.00, but I got stuck on a call with a poor guy who couldn’t connect his NEXT G wireless modem.  I’ve only been doing this job for a few weeks, and already I am sick to death of the idiot sales staff who are selling these products to people.  This guy got sold a wireless product, and even though he reported to the sales chickie that he has no mobile phone coverage at his property (ie he is in a mobile black spot) she assured him it will work fine anyway.  No only that but the sales chikie told him he could use that modem with more than one computer and anywhere in the house, that it didn’t need to be cabled to the PCs….. what a lot of crap!  These products are wireless, but not wifi!  Grrrr……..   I spent two hours going through every possible problem, only to get it working and then have signal that isnt powerful enough to get through the registration process. 

I had another lady last week who was sold a NEXT G wireless product who was in her late 70s.  She had one desktop PC and she mostly uses it to email with her grandkids etc.  And she lived in Bathurst… in town….  in Bathurst.  I can’t for the life of me figure out why they didn’t hook her up to a standard ADSL account with no wireless or wifi nonsense,  it’s be significantly cheaper for the poor old bitty, and much simpler to install and trouble shoot when she has problems.   Something tells me the sales people are on some sort of fantastic bonus scheme for pushing the NEXT G wireless stuff…. cos we keep getting people who would be better suited with other products.

God help me though if my shifts run late too often….

Out of left field call for the day:

“Welcome to Goliath Broadband help desk, this is borysSNORC, how may I help you?”

“Hi, I’d like to make a complaint….. the CT who installed my cable wireless was making inappropriate advances to my 17 year old daughter….. flirting with her and giving her his private phone number.  Can I lodge this complaint with you?”

“Ummmm… you’ve reached technical support… can you hold the line a moment while I find out who you need to speak to?”.

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